Nissan Datsun's plan to renovate their design language in the next two years

by Vivaan Khatri | 02/08/2018
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To add more appeal to the brand name, Datsun is planning on changing their design language for more modern and attractive models.

Datsun – Nissan’s automobile brand targeting at the developing market – was reintroduced in India in 2013. Following the launch of the brand, Datsun has introduced the GO and after that, Datsun GO+ as well as Datsun RediGO. Despite being active and continuously unveiling new cars, Datsun still falls short to catch the eyes of the Indian customers, partly because of its lack-of-characteristic design. However, to foster the brand and renovate their images, Datsun has decided to update their design language to make it more desirable and alluring.

Datsun GO Blue Color on Road

Nissan is going to renovate their design to feel it with more current and appealing style 


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Their intention is to refresh and make their design more relevant and classy. Alfonso Albaisa, the Executive Design Director of Nissan, said:

"There is a natural evolution happening in Datsun that is not visible to you yet and is really linked to a new platform. And with the new platform, we have created a whole new design language for Datsun which we will start teasing probably within a year or so."

He also added:

“We are redoing Datsun, yes. It is a natural evolution of platform. Nissan is also changing platforms. This stuff you'll start to see in the next 2 years. Regulation and safety are a major driver of the platform to be renewed. Also, opportunity to consider new segments with the brand. You will see this a few years down. You will say that is a big change. It is time to move. We have minor changes coming soon.”

So, Datsun promises to bring to India a whole new platform and probably more attractive design language to catch up with the modern design.  More specifically, Datsun’s new design will bring in more space and less weight, which allows better dynamics of the cars. And a higher level of safety is also an important part of its new design form.

This new promising design concept will be unveiled next year. After that, we will soon see how Datsun turn the new design into reality with the production version. 

NIssan Cross angle side on an Event

By the end of this year, Nissan will launch its all-new crossvover, preparing for the introduction of a new design form in 2 years

Before seeing this significant change, we will look forward to the facelift for Datsun GO and the GO+ this year. These new models will not evolve much in terms of the exterior. However, the interior will see considerable updates, for example, the addition of ABS and driver airbags as standard features. Datsun also announced that their all-new product will be a crossover. The new Cross is speculated to be built on a new platform – the CMF-A+ which is a larger version of the redi-GO.

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