Tata Nexon gets Dieseltronic Tuning Box that Makes it a Lot More Powerful

by Vivaan Khatri | 23/02/2019
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You now can opt for Dieseltronic tuning box for your Nexon to get the best out of the engine. The device is available at Rs.19.999.

Tata Nexon is the latest car to be get fitted with Dieseltronic tuning box. The Dieseltronic tuning box is responsible for hyping up the output of Nexon. The recent version of the diesel unit on the Nexon could deliver the maximum power of 108 Bhp and 260 Nm. After adopting the tuning box, the oil burner will be able to put out 126.5 Bhp of power and 281 Nm of torque. You can find dieseltronic equipment for Tata Nexon on Amazon at the price of Rs. 19.999.

Now Tata Nexon blue color front look

Now Tata Nexon owner could push up the performance by adopting the Diesel tuning box

Customizing your vehicle with a tuning box might five a hike on the performance however you might risk losing your vehicle’s warranty. The manufacturer will not cover their parts according to the warranty if the using of tuning box is detected at the service station. After getting your vehicle a tuning box, you might have to unload this device each time you bring your car to the authorized service station.

The Tata Nexon’s tuning box is available with four settings, namely E, S, P1 and P2. At the first mode, the E mode (E is for Economy), the power will be saved up and the output is restricted. On the second S mode, the device will be stopped modifying the fuel rail pressure.  The Power 1 and Power 2 or P1 and P2 will be where the tuning box kicking in. The latter mode will offer the highest output promised while the former is able to release less than the maximum figure.

Dieseltronic tuning box catalog for Tata nexon

Dieseltronic tuning box could instantly increase the power output 

Even though the tuning device could be easily ordered online, it might require professional assistance to get the dieseltronic fitted for your Nexon. If you are confident with the mechanical stuff, you should leave the job for the experienced hands.

The dieseltronic is provided by RaceDynamics and this production has been available for various diesel models. It has received a positive response from the users. The performance of the vehicle takes a huge leap after the adoption of the tuning box, however, it is also noteworthy that in the long run, the use of tuning device could be quite demanding on motor hence, shorten the life of the engine.

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