Check Out The Best Car Stereo Systems In India

by Mohammed Burman | 19/05/2020
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This article is going to provide you with a list of the best car audio systems in India. Read on to discover.

An audio system is considered to be essential equipment in almost all modern cars . An audio system is used to provide music to you, which can calm your head, especially during boring long-distance journeys. Music also serves as a very useful reliever when you experience traffic congestion. It will make your drive a much more pleasant experience. Therefore, it is very necessary that you should find the best audio system for your car. Nevertheless, due to a large number of brands and types of car audio systems in the market; sometimes, you may be confused as to which one to choose. This article is going to help you find the best car audio system in India.


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Before coming to the list of 10 best car audio systems in India, we would like to inform you that the head units come with different sizes:

  • Single DIN: around 2” x 7” (50 x 180 mm)

  • One and a half DIN: around 3” x 7” (75 x 180 mm)

  • Double DIN: around 4” x 7” (100 x 180 mm)

Now, let’s come to a list of 10 best car audio systems in India

Sony DSX-A110U Car Stereo System

  • Price: INR 3,320

Being an entry-level car audio system, Sony DSX-A110U Car Stereo System offers decent music quality with an amazingly affordable price. It is single DIN equipment and supports FLAX, AUX, WMA, MP3 and FM radio. It comes with a detachable LCD panel with big buttons. It also offers a steering wheel control with navigation features. Extra pass and karaoke are also available with this system. It also comes with anti-shock protection. All of these contribute to the fact that it is one of the best car music systems in India. Nevertheless, this system does not come with Bluetooth connectivity; therefore, audio input can only be conducted through AUX or USB. Furthermore, it has no disc media or SD card slot, either. 

sony dsx a110u car stereo system

Pioneer MVH-S109UI Car Stereo

  • Price: INR 3,909.00

Pioneer MVH-S109UI Car Stereo can provide non-stop music. This app allows the launch of third-party navigation/music apps and can access many music suppliers on your smartphone. Thanks to this system, the sound quality of compressed media files like WMA and MPA files can also be improved. It also comes with a 5-band graphic equalizer. However, its sound quality is not as good as that of more expensive systems.  

pioneer mvh s109ui car stereo


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Sony DSX-A410BT Digital Media Player

  • Price: INR 4,799,00

This Sony audio system with a single-DIN media receiver now supports Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to wirelessly connect your phone to the system to play music, get connected with your friends and get the road directions. You can also connect a second phone to this system to make more calls when driving without the need to use your hands.

Accordingly, by using DSX-A410BT you can connect your first phone for music, navigation and communication by using spoken commands while the second phone can be used to make and receive calls without using your hands. The system also offers an iPod connectivity feature. It is also one of the most low-priced car audio systems available in India. All of these features help it deserve to be listed as one of the best stereo systems in India. Nevertheless, Bluetooth connecting is quite time-consuming.

sony dsx a410bt digital media player


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Sony WX-800UI Car Stereo

  • Price: INR 7,900.00

This Sony car audio system comes with a Digital Sound Enhancement Engine which adds extra bass to all basslines and upscales the music. It is a large double-DIN system and features USB playback through the USB port. It offers AUX and CD player with powerful audio quality. Nevertheless, one of the shortcomings of this system is that it requires a separate screen to display an attached camera’s contents.

sony wx 800ui car stereo

Dulcet DC-9911T Car Audio System

  • Price: INR 8,490.00

Being a double-DIN unit, Dulcet DC-9911T Car Audio System is a touch screen that features a USB port, FM radio, MMC, AUX, screen mirroring option and a handy remote. It also comes with a rearview camera and a built-in microphone which allow you to make voice calling without the need to use your hands. Besides it also supports Bluetooth connectivity. All of these features help it become one of the best car music systems in India. Nevertheless, one minus point of this system is that its remote control connectivity is not quite smooth.

dulcet dc9911t car audio system


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Blaupunkt San Marino 330 Stereo Player

  • Price: INR 11,900.00

This multimedia player is a wide double DIN system with a wide 6.2-inch touchscreen display. The system supports Bluetooth, MP3, AUX, USB and micro SD card. It also features front a/v, full rearview and steering wheel control input as well as video output. Some of the other outstanding features include a 24-bit d/a converter and a 10-Band parametric equalizer. Nevertheless, it still suffers from some minus points such as the inability to supply the steering remote control connector cable and the availability of music if the driver uses the navigation feature through mirror link.

blaupunkt san marino 330 stereo player

Alpine CDE-W265EBT

  • Price: INR 13,500.00

The Alpine CDE-W265EBT is a double-DIN car audio system. It comes with variable RGB illumination, a metallic exterior design with a large LDC display. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity feature, it supports both Apple and Android devices. However, it might take you quite a lot of time to connect the system to Bluetooth. It offers a front-facing CD player and USB and supports AAC, CCDA, WMA and mp3 with sound tuning. With so many plus points and a few minus points, it should be included in the list of the best car stereo systems in India.

alpine cde w265ebt


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JVC KW-V340BT Car Audio System

  • Price: INR 13,999

This is a double-DIN car audio system which adds to the modernity of your car. It has a large touchscreen panel display and can be simultaneously connected to two different phones: one for music listening and the other for calls making and receiving. It can also be automatically connected for Apple and Android devices. Media input can be implemented via AUX port, USB port, CD Player and Bluetooth. It also supports navigation through voice control and RGB lights. Although the exorbitant price of this equipment may discourage the customers from purchasing one, it still deserves to be one of the best car music systems in India.

jvc kw v340bt car audio system

Sony XAV-AX3000 Car Audio System

  • Price: INR 17,974.00

With up to four representatives on the list, the Japanese company proves to be very popular with the Indian customers for its audio system. This system may be the best one as regards connectivity, treble, bass and sound quality. Being a large double-DIN system, it supports Bluetooth connectivity. It also enables voice control, comes with dual USB ports and supports video formats. Although the background themes are limited and the Bluetooth contact is slow, it still makes itself to the list of best car stereo systems in India, thanks to its many good features.

sony xav ax3000 car audio system

Woodman WM-8080 Car Stereo System

Woodman WM-8080 Car Stereo System is double DIN equipment and features full 6.5-inch HD Display. It comes with built-in clock display and various connectivity options like SD card slot, USB and AUX port, CD-DVD player and Bluetooth. It also supports car reverse camera and parking sensors connectivity. Despite slow Bluetooth connectivity, thanks to many advantages, it can still be listed as one of the best audio systems in India.

woodman wm-8080 car stereo system

Above is a list of 10 best car stereo systems in India. Before making a decision to purchase any of them, it is necessary to take many factors into consideration. Some of them include whether you need an audio system with a button or touchscreen, whether this audio system has a wire port or USB port which most modern ones have, whether it supports CDs or MP3 files. Furthermore, you also need to make sure that it has all the settings and facilities that you need, it fits your front panel and is compatible with your smartphone. Hope that after reading this article, finding a suitable audio system will not cause you a headache any more

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