Uber and Ola Cabs Get Fiberglass Partition Between Driver and Passengers

by Harish Kumar | 10/05/2020
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Watch how Kerala cabbies are trying to reduce the spread of the pathogen by installing fibreglass partition between drivers and passengers

The ongoing unfavourable situation has made serious impacts on virtually all things of life. It is said that the way we live will be changed even after the nationwide lockout ends. With the guidance of the Government, people are taking various preventive measures to contain the spread of the pathogen and, of course, Kerala isn’t standing out of the fight. As things have started getting back to normal in the Green and Orange zones, but sanitization and social distancing are still much needed. While Kerala is taking steps towards resuming the normal life, Uber and Ola services of the state have come up with a very good idea to check the spread of the pathogen

uber ola cabs in Kerala with fiberglass

With the demands for taxis bound to increase, taxi drivers will be at a higher risk of cotamination due to the nature of their career. With that in mind, the authorities in Kerala have advised the carmakers installing a fibreglass wall between cab drivers and passenger to ensure their safety. As revealed by the officials, the installation of the fibreglass is easy and it can prevent the droplet transmission between drivers and passengers and create a safer zone for both the parties.


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taxi fiberglass partition between driver and passengers

Other than that, the taxi users will also have to sanitise their hands with a sanitizer before entering the car. The state’s authorities also stated that it’s the taxi drivers and not the customers who have to open the door as the customers are not allowed to touch the door handles. Both drivers and passengers are mandated to wear face masks during the drives while drivers have to wear mandatory hand gloves as well.

kerala taxi cars image

Cashless payment is directed to be applied in a bid to reduce the physical interactions between them. It’s worth noting that the exchange of money can increase the chance of spreading the disease. Cab drivers are also required to sanitise the passenger area properly after every drive so that it’s safe for the next passengers.


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The Government of Kerala also ordered some rules to ferry people in the taxis. As for small sedan and hatchbacks with a seating capacity of five occupants, only two passengers are allowed on a drive while bigger cars like MPVs can ferry up to four people. It might be recalled that Kerala is one of the states that has managed to flatten the curve. As of now, Kerala reports only 500 confirmed cases with 4 deaths, which should be attributed to the serious awareness campaigns of the Government.

Images Source: Asiannetnews

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