Toyota Fortuner Is Still The Best-Selling SUV - Why?

by Mohammed Burman | 19/08/2019
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This article is going to discuss the reasons for the great popularity of the Toyota Fortuner among Indian auto customers.

Toyota is offering the second-gen Fortuner in the Indian auto market and the SUV remains to be the best-selling SUV in its segment in the country, just like the first-gen model. Although the whole auto industry is experiencing a slowdown, the Toyota Fortuner is still recording a good sales number of up to nearly 2,000 units. What are the reasons for the widespread popularity of the Toyota Fortuner india auto market? Read on to discover.

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Efficient oil burner

The Toyota Fortuner receives its power from the globally well-known GD Series oil burners, which were introduced to the Indian auto market in 2015 and has been updated many times since then. The latest GD Series motors is equipped with the Associated ESTEC tech, which represents Economy with Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion. This motor helps the fuel mileage increase and the vehicle to accelerate seamlessly. The 2.8-litre oil burner which serves as the power source for the Fortuner is the most thermally efficient motor, which helps increase the ARAI-rated fuel mileage by almost 44%, up to 14.24 kmp and 15.04 kmpl for the manual and automatic version, respectively. The motor can generate 174.5 BHP against 420 Nm.

2018 toyota fortuner diesel automatic engine

The 2.8-litre diesel motor on the 2018 Toyota Fortuner is the highly efficient.

Various variants

The Fortuner is available with a wide array of variants, which ensures that it can satisfy the demands of numerous customers. With numerous engine and gearbox options, the Toyota Fortuner comes with a 2WD system for the petrol motor and both the 2WD system and 4WD unit for the diesel engine. For the drivers who frequently drive in the city, they can go for the 2WD option; in the meanwhile, the ones who prefer off-roading can opt for the 4WD unit. Moreover, Toyota also offers the manual and automatic transmission options for both of the two motor options.

2018 toyota fortuner silver front

The off-road Toyota Fortuner is a perfect option for off-roading enthusiasts in India.

Excellent resale value

Most cars from major auto brands lose their value right after they are driven out of the showroom; Toyota cars do but they still manage to maintain most of the original value. After several years, the vehicle in particular and all the Toyota cars in general still manage to maintain a good resale value. To be more specific, the Toyota Fortuner is priced from INR 28 lakh for the base variant to INR 34 lakh for the top variant (all prices are ex-showroom). After three years, its resale value is reported to be 85% of the original one, a massive number.

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Excellent aftersales service

Toyota is also well-known for its excellent aftersales service, which is offered across all the major cities in India. Currently, over 250 service centres are in operation in India. Moreover, a wide array of thorough extended warranty packages are also provided by the Japanese carmaker, which helps the ownership for a long period of time comfortable and nuisance-free.

Low-priced ownership

Well-known for the low maintenance cost, the Toyota cars have become so popular with the Indian auto customers. The Toyota Fortuner is no exception. The low maintenance cost and long service intervals indicate that the Fortuner comes with a low-priced ownership. Furthermore, the Toyota Fortuner does not regularly break down, which helps the owners save a great deal.

2018 toyota fortuner silver front angle

The Toyota Fortuner is a great representative for the excellent service and low maintenance cost of Toyota cars.

Brand prestige

The Japanese auto manufacturer launched the Toyota Fortuner in 2009, and then it immediately took the whole SUV segment aback by affecting the sales number of the Ford Endeavour. Since then, the company has also introduced some models to the Indian auto market such as the Innova and the Qualis, both of which are successful vehicles in the country. All of these successful models along with all the aforementioned factors have helped the Japanese carmaker establish a reliable brand image with the Indian auto buyers. Moreover, Toyota is well-known for manufacturing bullet-proof cars which can travel for a long distance without causing the passengers any annoyance, which is also among the most determining factors contributing to the great popularity of the Toyota Fortuner.

Above are the reasons for the great popularity of the Toyota Fortuner. Have these persuaded you to go straight to a Toyota dealership and have one Fortuner delivered to your garage right away?

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