10 Most Exceptional Car Features You Might Not Know Of

by Mohammed Burman | 08/07/2019
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Throughout car history, to attract more car buyers, manufacturers have offered exciting innovations. While some of these have been widely utilized, others have been forgotten. Below is a list of 10 special car features which you might not know.

Door 'handle' under ORVMs in the 1999 TVR Tuscan

If you are a fan of the rear door handles of the Chevrolet Beat and the new Maruti Swift, you will absolutely fall in love with the innovative door handles which were placed under the ORVMs of the 1999 TVR Tuscan. Thanks to this feature, the side profile of the vehicle looked much more stylish and polishing.

1999 TVR Tuscan door handles under the ORVMs

The door handles under the ORVMs made the TVR Tuscan more fashionable

Flower Vase in Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle has been considered to be one of the most iconic and appealing cars in history. Interestingly, a flower vase used to be attached to the air conditioning vent of the first or second-gen Volkswagen Beetle. It could also be used to store pens and other small objects.

flower vase Volkswagen Beetle

This small vase on the dashboard of the Volkswagen Beetle could be used to store a flower, a pen, etc.

Openometer in 2009 MINI Convertible

The 2009 MINI Convertible features an Openometer, a gadget which was positioned next to the tachometer to inform you of the time you have driven the car with its top down. It might have been equipped to encourage the driver to enjoy driving the car with its top open as frequently as possible.

Openometer in the 2009 MINI Convertible

The Openometer in the 2009 MINI Convertible encouraged the driver to drive with the top open 

Icemaker in 1984 Toyota Van

In the 1984 Toyota Van, you not only could enjoy cold drinks during long journeys but also make your beverages even colder, thanks to the ice generator which was positioned near the dashboard and powered by the air-conditioner refrigerant lines. Although the time it took the ice machine to produce ready ice cues was unknown, it was really a spectacular feature, considering the hot and suffocated climate in India.

 ice maker in the 1984 Toyota van

You could enjoy cold drinks during long journeys, thanks to the ice maker in the 1984 Toyota van

Shag dash topper in Nissan Cube

An interior accessories kit which came with a 'shag dash topper' was available for the Nissan Cube for $255 (approximately INR 16,000). While the real purpose of this weird accessory is unknown, we think that besides ornamental purpose, it also served as a storage place for anything which can slip over the dashboard.

shag dash topper in the Nissan Cube

The purpose of the shag dash topper in the Nissan Cube is not known

Glove box torchlight of BMW

We often difficulty looking for items dropped in the car in the dark as the interior lights do not provide enough lighting and cannot reach the low areas. In this case, a torchlight can be effective. In the 1990s, when a torch function was not available in a mobile phone, BMW realized this need and equipped its models like the E36 3-Series with this equipment. Receiving the power from the battery, it was removed from its position only when necessary.

glovebox torchlight in BMW E36 3-Series

The glovebox torchlight equipped in the BMW E36 3-Series could help you find things easily in the dark

Coffee machine in 2012 Fiat 500L

2012 Fiat 500L buyers could save a considerable amount of time, thanks to a unique feature equipped inside the car. This feature was coffee makers which were placed in the cup holder between the two front seats, which would come in very handy in case you feel sleepy and there is no coffee shop nearby.

coffee maker in 2012 Fiat 500L

Owners of the 2012 Fiat 500L could enjoy coffee without going outside, thanks to the coffee maker equipped in the cabin

Rear shower in 1997 Honda CR-V

It is undeniable that SUVs have been designed to be much more practical to be used in cities. Originally, SUVs used to be the favourite vehicle of people who often go on cross-the-border journeys and jungle safaris, etc. Whereas the Honda CR-V is well-known as the first ever off-roader to be redesigned for city usage, the first-gen CRV was equipped with many features which made it more practical and suitable for faraway journeys. One of these features was the rear-attached shower which consisted of a showerhead, a hose and a water jug and a 12-volt pump powered by the vehicle itself.

rear shower in the 1997 Honda CR-V

The rear shower in the 1997 Honda CR-V helped the car function well in long journeys

[Image source: www.sgcarmart.com ]

HondaVAC in-built vacuum cleaner in 2014 Honda Odyssey

Another representative from Honda which should also be included in this list is the 2014 Honda Odyssey with HondaVAC in-built vacuum cleaner. A lot of people are in the habit of eating and dropping pieces of food in their cars, which can attract rodents and pests. Fortunately enough, with the HondaVAC in-built vacuum cleaner offered in the 2014 Honda Odyssey, tidying up your car is not a nightmare any more. Positioned in the boot space of the Honda Odyssey, the small vacuum cleaner ran on the power provided by the car.

in-built vacuum cleaner in 2014 Honda Odyssey

With the help of the in-built vacuum cleaner, you could tidy up the 2014 Honda Odyssey easily

GPS-linked gearbox in 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith

The 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith came with a GPS-integrated 8-speed AT gearbox, which made sure that it has a smooth ride. Receiving the information from the system, the gearbox could recognize the surface condition ahead and anticipate a gearstick. According to the British automaker, the GPS-based transmission helped the car “see into the future”.

2014 Rolls Royce Wraith black left angular

The GPS-linked gearbox helped the 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith "see into the future"

Above is a list of 10 special car features which may be of great practical use or just for decoration purpose. Which one impresses you the most? Share with us in the comment section below.

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