2020 Mahindra Thar Gets LONG List of Genuine Accessories - VIDEO

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 17/12/2020
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Mahindra's all-new Thar gets a slew of cosmetic and off-road accessories and upgrades straight from the manufacturer itself No need to hunt the aftermarket for the best deal anymore. Full story below.

The all-new Mahindra Thar is the much-awaited successor to the old Thar which has now attained legendary status among off-road enthusiasts due to its peerless go-anywhere capabilities and rugged looks. The new model has already garnered over 20,000 bookings since its launch a few months back. And recently Mahindra stated that the new Thar is already sold out till May 2020. But such a positive response can also sometimes be a negative as it will become a common sight quite quickly on our roads. But not to worry, as Mahindra has come up with a solution for this very problem. 


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In the video that has been uploaded by Team Car Delight over on YouTube, we see the almost exhaustive amount of genuine accessories that Mahindra has come up with for your Mahindra Thar. This ensures two things. Firstly it makes it easier for the owner to add extra features. And secondly it makes every Thar unique, as owners will spec it to their tastes. Some of the visual and cosmetic accessories for the Thar are listed below -



‘Intense’ Chrome Pack

Rs 6,830

Body Decal

Rs 3,260

Rain Visors 

Rs 1,075

Snack Tray

Rs 2,840

Magnetic Sunshade 

Rs 970

Seat Cover

Rs 6,830

Steering Cover

Rs 305

Door Hinge Step

Rs 2,755

Floor Mats

Rs 3,140 - Rs 5,400

Roof-Mounted Speaker Kit

Rs 3,745

2-Din Head Unit Mounting Kit

Rs 465

Remote Lock Key

Rs 1,890


Rs 900 - Rs 2,040

Front And Rear Mud Flap

Rs 300/Rs 465

Scuff Plates

Rs 630

Mahindra also has come up with a lot of genuine accessories and upgrades for the new That when you want to go where roads cease to exist, and a few of them are listed here -



Snatch Strap

Rs 9,142

Tree Trunk Protector

Rs 3,944


Rs 1.09 lakh - Rs 1.24 lakh

Winch Extension Strap

Rs 4,618

Bow Shackle 

Rs 6,638

Tow Hook With Keeper

Rs 1,770

Hitch And Shackle

Rs 4,233

X Trax II

Rs 26,359

Tri Shovel

Rs 2,405

Digger Shovel

Rs 8,177

Exhaust Jack

Rs 24,916


Rs 7.504

Roof Top Tent

Rs 1.01 lakh

RV Air Compressor

Rs 9,601


This New Mahindra Thar Gets LARGEST-EVER 22-inch Alloy Wheels

Prices for the 2020 Mahindra Thar range from Rs 9.80 lakh for the base AX trim and goes up to Rs 13.75 lakh for the range-topping LX variant. All prices are ex-showroom, respectively.

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