5 Affordable Hatchbacks with Highest Resale Value in India

by Jatin Chhibber | 14/01/2021
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Here's a list of top five hatchbacks in India with the highest resale value. Take a look at the list here.

If a person is buying a new car in India, he considers a few factors while making the purchase, and one of them is the resale value. There are other prominent factors like their fuel-efficiency and maintenance cost as well, but the resale value is the prioritized one. The resale value of a vehicle is the price that the owner can get when he'/she plans to sell the vehicle in the used car market. The resale value of a car depends on factors like the condition of the car, carmaker's service network, service history of the car and so on. Like, if a person owns a Maruti Suzuki car, which has a wide service and dealership network, then it’ll have a high resale value. Here are a few hatchbacks with the highest resale value in India.

5 Affordable Hatchbacks with Highest Resale Value in India

Maruti Alto 800


Maruti Alto is one of the top-selling entry-level hatchbacks in India. It is popular among the buyers for its compact dimensions, decently-equipped cabin, low service cost and easy availability of spare parts. Mainly, it is bought by people in rural areas, and many people purchase it to learn driving. Talking about its resale value, Maruti Alto 800 retains around 70-80 per cent even after the first three years from purchase.


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Maruti WagonR


Maurit WagonR sits a segment above than Maruti Alto 800. It is for the people who look out for a more spacious and feature-loaded car as compare to their entry-level offering. Maruti WagonR is quite reliable and offers great fuel-efficiency. It retails a resale value of around 70-80 per cent after three years. 

Hyundai Eon


Hyundai Eon was once the most affordable car in the Korean automaker’s stable. Being the second-largest carmaker in the country, Hyundai has a wide dealership network and service centres around the country. The Hyundai hatchback got popular among the buyers as soon as it was launched in the market. Hyundai Eon retails a resale value of around 60-70 per cent after three years from the purchase.

Maruti Swift

Maruti Swift is among the top-selling cars in India. It sits a segment below Maruti Baleno. It is quite known among the buyers for its chic looks, peppy gasoline mill and feature-loaded cabin. It rivals with the likes of Hyundai Grand i10 Nios. Talking about its resale value, it retains approximately 60-70 per cent of its actual price when bought, even after 3 years of usage. 


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Hyundai Grand i10 


Hyundai Grand i10 is another top-selling hatchback offered by the car in India. Hyundai cars are known among the buyers because of their feature-loaded cabin and low maintenance cost. It retains a value of 60-70 per cent even after three years from purchase. 

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