6 Car Brand To Feature Crown On Their Logos

by Vivaan Khatri | 26/07/2020
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The crown is usually associated with monarchy, power, and authority. It is also a familiar image that is usually used for creating logos. Here is the list of car logos with crown.

To build a long-lasting and impactful branding, choosing a logo that could represent the brand’s core values and brand image is a must. In the automotive world, logos hold a special meaning. A car logo represents the rich history of the car brand and brings the owner pride and respect. Usually, there are certain images that are usually repeated in logo design. The crown with its impactful symbolic meaning is one of the familiar symbols used for creating logos. Here we will show you the list of car logos with a crown.

I. What is the meaning of a crown?

Crown is a head adornment that is worn by the monarch or a deity. According to the traditional interpretation, a crown usually indicates power and authority, victory, and glory. In some cultures, the crowns are made of gold and jewels while in other countries, the crown can be made from feathers and other materials.

When using the crown image for creating logos, most brands want to tie the premiumness and supremacy to their brand image. Some of the most famous brands using a crown on their logos include Swiss watchmaker Rolex, KML Royal Dutch Airlines, Ritz Carton Hotel, to name a few.


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II. List of Famous Car logos With Crown

In the automotive industry, there are also several brands using the crown images on their car logos as follow:

1. Toyota Crown (Japan)

Toyota Crown is a subsidy of Toyota. In 1955, Toyota Crown was launched as a mid-sized luxury sedan for the Japanese market. Later on, the Toyota Crown was developed into a special line of luxury sedans which majorly targets the domestic market and some Asian markets. When introduced as a sub-brand, Toyota Crown also adopt a new logo. As the name suggests, the logo of the brand surely reflects the crown imaginary.

toyota crown logo


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2. Alfa Romeo (Italia)

Alfa Romeo is one of the notable names when it comes to powerful and expensive cars. The Italian car brand was found in June 1910 and its logo was introduced at the same time.

alfa romeo logo

The emblem of Alfa Romeo is a combination of various images. On the right, it features a red cross which is the symbol for Milan, the city where the car brand was born. To the left, the logo depicts a snake with a man in its mouth, which is also the symbol of the Visconti clan, the family that ruled Milan.

It is explained by the car brand that the man, instead of being eaten by the snake, is coming out of the snake’s mouth. The snake is a symbol of change and rebirth due to its ability to changing the skin regularly. On the top, we will see a small crown. This detail was added later in 1925 as a way to celebrate and pay tribute to the winning of Alfa Romeo at the World Racing Car Championship with the Alfa P2. Alfa Romeo car logo has become of the most respectable emblems in the automotive industry.


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3. Scania (Sweden)

Scania AB which was previously known as AB Scania-Vabis is a large commercial vehicle manufacturer in Sweden. The car brand is famous for making heavy trucks and buses. In addition to producing commercial cars, the Scania provides diesel engines for heavy vehicles as well as for usage in the marine and general industry.

scania logo

The car logo of Scania depicts the head of Griffin, a mythical creature, with a crown. This logo origins from the coat of arms of Sweden’s southernmost region, Scania. Scania’s coat of arms also features the red Griffin with a blue crown and yellow background. However, in the car brand’s version, even though showing a similar image, the graphic, as well as the colour combination, was twisted a bit. The mythical animal remains to be coloured in red. However, this time, the crown is yellow and the black ground is blue.


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4. SAAB (Sweden)

The image of the mythical creature Griffin is also used by another Swedish car brand called Saab. Saab was founded in 1945 and later merged with Scania-Vabis which now goes under the name Scania AB. The company later spit up in 1995 and Saab was acquired by General Motors. The shared logo is a reminder of the two companies’ history.

There are some small different details between the two car logos. For example, SAAB’s logo is simply round while Scania took on a more complex shape. Still, it is hard for untrained eyes to spot the differences from the first glance. Another distinctive feature between the two is that, while Scania is major in making heavy vehicles, SAAB is the manufacturer of passenger vehicles.

saab badge logo


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5. Noble (the UK)

Noble Automotive is a sports car manufacturer from Britain. Based in Leicester, Noble was established by Lee Noble in 1999. The car brand is later sold to a new owner in 2006. After leaving Noble, Lee continues with his newly-founded automotive venture, Fenix Automotive in 2009. The logo of Noble includes two separate parts, a crown icon, and a Noble name.

noble badge

6. Pininfarina (Italia)

Unlike the rest of the companies on this list, Pininfarina is not a car brand but a world-famous car design firm and coachbuilder. Headquartered in Cambiano, Turin, the design firm stood behind various famous car designs from the world’s leading car manufacturers like Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Fiat, GM, and more. In 2015, the Italian design firm was acquired by Mahindra Group.

Regarding the logo of the Italian car design company, it includes a rectangle shape with a letter “f” inside and a little crown on top. The "f" stands for Farina which is the family name of Battista Farina, the founder of the brand.

pininfarina logo

You will not find the logo of Pininfarina on the spots where car brands usually put their logos. But still, in some models designed by Pininfarina, you will still see the logo in a less noticeable position. Due to its well-respected status in the automotive world, having a Pininfarina logo, to some extent, is a guarantee for superior quality and luxury.

That concludes our list of six famous car logos with crown. For more interesting car stories, please visit our website at IndianAuto.com.


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