Anand Mahindra Uses Viral Mahindra Scorpio Pic to Explain His State of Mind in Lockdown

by Harish Kumar | 13/11/2020
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Anand Mahindra has just shared a viral picture of the Mahindra Scorpio to funnily explain his current state of mind under lockdown. The reactions are enormous.

If you are following a business tycoon Anand Mahindra on Twitter, you will be aware of his current tweet that shares a funny pic of the Scorpio to explain his state of mind in the wake of the global pandemic. The picture has already gone viral and receives a whole bunch of funny reactions then.

Anand Mahindra Uses Viral Mahindra Scorpio Pic to Explain His State of Mind in Lockdown

On his Twitter, Anand Mahindra shared an image of a black-coloured Mahindra Scorpio tied to the bark of a tree. “Not exactly a high tech locking solution but at least it shows the owner’s possessiveness! To me, this pic perfectly describes how I feel under lockdown. This weekend I’m going to try breaking that chain (with my mask on!),” tweeted Anand Mahindra.

Quite clearly, Mahindra has expressed himself that the photo of a chained Scorpio perfectly describes how he felt under the countrywide lockdown. He has gone further to say that he would break the chain on this weekend, of course with a mask on. The post has garnered over 8,000 likes and some retweets. Also, it accumulated a lot of comments which showed other people’s interests and reactions.

This is not the first time Mr Anand Mahindra shared something on his Twitter that hit people right in the feels. From witty jokes to motivational stories, Anand Mahindra shares all sorts of tweets. Most of his tweets often hit the headlines for quite some time. Recently, Anand Mahindra shared one of the fan’s Sholay-inspired meme about the 2020 Mahindra Thar that also became viral on the social networks.

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