These Two Renders Transform The Humble Maruti Alto 800 To Beasts

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 15/02/2021
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The Maruti Alto 800 is one of the most popular cars in India in terms of sales. What happens when you dream up the most outrageous mods for the humble Alto? Well, you get these two. Full story below.

Being the follow-up to a bonafide legend is never the greatest place to be in, as expectations are very high.  But it was the exact spot the Maruti Alto found itself in as the successor to the Maruti 800. The 800 arguably brought the Indian automotive sector to the modern times, as it blew the likes of the HM Ambassador and Premier Padmini out of the water when it first arrived. For 21 years the Maruti 800 remained the highest selling car in India until it finally ceded to the Alto. The Alto was loved by the masses when it was launched, ensuring it carried the baton of success forward than dropping it. The Alto itself has gone through multiple generations since its launch and has a huge aftermarket for modifications. Today we have these renders for the Alto that look drastically different. 


Modified Maruti Alto 800 Showcases Cheap Can be Mean

As you’ll see in the pictures, we have got two renders for the Maruti Alto 800 from Demon Customs Reloaded. One is ready for a track day while the other is an off-roading hot-rod. First off we have this beast that looks like only the bodyshell of the Alto 800 has been left. The front bumper has been chopped in half to make way for a metal bumper with a winch attached to it. In comes fully off-road spec suspension complete with new axles and increased ride height. The arches have been cut away as well so the bigger off-road tyres have enough suspension travel to work properly. But that’s not the first thing you’ll notice, instead, it is the huge direct air intake that is jutting out of the bonnet that catches your attention. The humble Alto 800 comes with a 4-pot engine in its small engine bay, but this render looks like a V8 has been shoehorned in somehow. You also get side-exit exhausts and a LED light bar on the roof, and a roof box for extra luggage space.

Now over to the Maruti Alto 800 render which arguably looks the saner of the two, but it doesn’t make it any less outrageous. The Alto gets two bonnet scoops, new air intakes flanking the bumper, and gets a lowered ride height. The biggest change is the new bigger and wider wheels with low-profile tyres. In fact, the tyres are so wide that it needs wheel arch extensions to cover them. 


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The real-life Maruti Alto 800 is powered by an 800 cc 4-cylinder petrol engine which makes 49 PS/68 Nm of peak power and torque figures which is mated to a 5-speed manual. There’s a factory-fitted CNG option as well which makes a bit less power and torque figures. Prices for the Alto 800 range from Rs 2.94 lakh – Rs 4.36 lakh, ex-showroom. Maruti is planning to launch an all-new model by the end of this year which is based on the Future S tallboy concept it showcased on the Indian Auto Expo a few years back.


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