Classic Modified Premier 118 NE Sedan With Heart-warming Backstory

by Vivaan Khatri | 25/03/2021
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This Premier 118 NE is a good example of excellent modified vintage car. Let's check out the full details of all the custom job done on the Premier 118 NE.

Premier was an Indian car manufacturer based in Mumbai. The car brand enjoyed good popularity back when the automobile industry was still in its early stage and not as competitive as it is today. Due to the increasing competitiveness, Premier’s cars slowly disappeared from the market and the company finally filed for bankrupt in 2018. This Indian car brand has produced some memorable models including the Premier 118 NE. Based on the Fiat 124, the Premier 118 NE was the second offering from Premier after the Padmini, a very popular car back then. The car was positioned as a mid-sized luxury car in India and it was in production from 1985 to 2001. At the moment, we can hardly see this car in the street. At best, it might be a part of someone’s private car collection. We have seen a fine modified Premier 118 NE which looks absolutely elegant and stunning.

This modified Premier 118 NE looks classic and elegant 

This modified Premier 118 NE looks classic and elegant 

The Premier 118 NE is restored and modified comprehensively from inside out. From the first look, it is easy to notice that the car has received a repaint job and the new black colour makes the Premier 118 NE look classier than ever. In addition to the new exterior colour, this car also gets a host of other updates that bring this sedan closer to the current norms in the car market. On the front end, the old headlights are replaced by a new aftermarket units with projector. A LED strip is also attached to the front end.


This Modified Premier Padmini Is A Masterpiece

The body kit used on this Premier 118 include a lip spoiler and faux hood scoop for the front and a side skirt for the side profile. In addition, looking from the side, you will also see new sleek a 15-inch GTR rims and Yokohama tyres. Other than these small updates, the car retains its traditional look. To the rear end, the taillights are clear lens LED units. Notably, the Premier 118 gets a free-flow exhaust system made by Raj Hingorani, a Bangalore-based exhaust maker who is no strange to modifier in the country.

premier 118 ne modified

premier 118 ne modified rear end

This Premier 118 NE is extensively customized front the front to the rear end 

On the inside, some other highlight updates on the Premier 118 include its K&N air filter, BMW seats with lumbar support and, AC air vent for the front and the rear seat which enhance the comfort significantly. For the infotainment system, the car is equipped with various aftermarket equipment like BMW centre console, I-Drive IR remote audio system, and Pioneer Double Din 8750 BT DVD music system, Clarion speakers, subwoofer, and 4 channel & 2 channel Blaupunkt Amps. The old steering is replaced with a power steering unit.

premier 118 ne modified interior

Premier 118 NE's interior is also revised to offer better comfort 

It is not clear if the owner had done any custom job to the engine bay. Still, we can stay happy with the exterior makeover. Beyond being a good-looking modified car, this Premier 118 also has a heartwarming backstory. The owner of this car also the one behind the entire modification is Shakeer. He decided to purchase and restore such old car because his father used to own one. He loved the car so much that he has tried the best to find a similar car to his father’s. As you can imagine, searching for a retro car like this is not an easy task. Apart from its rareness of this model, the car condition is also a big problem. Without proper care, not many of them can endure such a long time without showing signs of being worn out.

It took Shakeer two years and a haft to finish the restoration of the car. Interestingly, he is not alone in this major car modification. His father has helped him to pick each and every aftermarket details for the car. Especially, the car is even more meaningful since Shakeer said the car is dedicated to his father who is suffering from illness. Apparently, it is not only a car but also a loving memory for Shakeer and his father. This story also tells the significant meaning of a car in a creating unforgettable memories in life.

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