Witless Tesla Owner Lets Autopilot Drive, Consumes Alcohol In the Back Seat

by Jatin Chhibber | 16/09/2020
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In a recent incident a few guys can be seen sitting inside a Tesla car and drinking alcohol while the car cruises on the highway on autopilot mode.

Drunk driving is one of the biggest offences around the world. Earlier, we’ve seen a lot of careless people making videos of driving cars while consuming alcohol. This act of stupidity is mainly done by people to seek viewers attention. Here’s a recent Tik Tok video in which cretinous guys decide to continue drinking and singing off-key to Justin Bieber's 2010 hit "Baby" while letting the autopilot in their Tesla Model S drive the vehicle. Many of you might be thinking that how we got to know about this incident. Well, these guys aren't the smartest around and have put their video on social media.


Tesla On Autopilot Mode Crashes Into Two Police Vehicles

It got pretty easy for the police officials to get all the evidence against them like drunk driving and having open beer cans in their car. According to a recent report, these guys were driving down a highway and the car was cruising at a speed of 104 kmph, with no one sitting on the driver’s seat and the autopilot was switched on to guide the speeding car. The autonomous model of Tesla cars is not fully reliable. To avoid accidents, there should always be a driver behind the wheel, even when a Tesla car is on autopilot mode. Moreover, even if there’s a driver behind the wheel, Tesla cars on autopilot mode have seen a number of crashes that have killed at least four people till date.



Tesla Provides Car Wrap Service For Customers in China

Earlier, we saw an incident where a man was watching a movie while travelling in the driver’s seat of his Tesla Model S that was driving on its own and as turns out, the car crashed into two police vehicles. Thankfully, nobody got hurt. At the time of the crash, both the police vehicles had police officers on-board. This incident could have been avoided if people didn’t have so much faith in systems like Autopilot. Many people are now demanding Tesla to change the system’s name because it is misleading many customers.

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