Drunk Mahindra Thar Owner Challenges Cops to Arrest Her

by Jatin Chhibber | 28/03/2021
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Here’s a recent video where a woman can be seen fighting with police officials after getting drunk. She was driving the first-gen Mahindra Thar.

Drinking and driving is a big offence in India, and it can also land you in jail. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people who do it and even fight with cops when they get caught. Here’s a recent video from Tiruvallur, which shows a women driver of Mahindra Thar challenging the cops to arrest her if she did anything against the law. The video is uploaded on a YouTube channel named Behindwoods Air.


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The video has been recorded in Tiruvallur near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The woman was celebrating the completion of her degree, so she had gone to a 5-star hotel with her friends, and she reportedly got drunk. According to the video, while she was driving back home, she hit a van from behind. She was driving the first-gen Mahindra Thar. The van driver stopped his car and started arguing with the woman, which attracted the crowd. Because of the continuous arguments between them, the cops arrived at the spot. The police officials say that the woman was drunk. In the video, the woman can be seen screaming at the cops, but the cops stayed calm and quiet. After looking at the ways the woman was behaving, the police officials figured out that she was drunk. Since the cops failed to control her temper, they called one of her friends after some time. 



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Moreover, the video also shows her last-gen Mahindra Thar and the left fender of the SUV was heavily damaged, which happened due to the accident. Her friends were also trying to control her by requesting her to sit inside the car and leave the place. Nevertheless, in the video, she does not listen to her friends too. At last, cops asked her friends to take her home seized the Mahindra Thar. There was no woman constable at that time, and the male cops were allowed to arrest her or even take her in the custody. We request all our readers not to drink and drive because this practice can be dangerous for you as well as others.

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