Ford Endeavour 2.0 Real World Fuel Economy Test - VIDEO

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 07/01/2021
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The Ford Endeavour is one of the best looking SUVs at the Rs 35 lakh segment, and one of the most feature-laden as well. Today we have this Endeavour 2.0 Sport which is tested for a real world fuel economy run.

The Ford Endeavour was one of the first premium SUVs when it launched way back in 2003. Based on the Ranger pickup, the endeavour was the SUV version of the truck and Ford specially developed the vehicle for the Asian market. It had a virtual monopoly of its segment in the Indian market and used to sell very well considering its expensive price tag. But ever since the Toyota Fortuner entered India in 2009, it has never been to usurp its rival in the sales charts. The Endeavour was launched in an all-new second generation in 2015, and came with better engines, ride quality, and first in class features. Today we have a real-world fuel economy test for the current generation Ford Endeavour.


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The video has been uploaded by AutoWheels India – Cars & RoadTrips over on YouTube, and here we have a Ford Endeavour which is gonna be measured for its fuel efficiency in everyday conditions. The test will use both a tank to tank measuring method as well as the figures shown by the MID display. The Endeavour is filled up to the auto cutoff instead of to the brim for more accurate figures as well. At the 290 kms mark, the MID shows a fuel economy figure of 10.2 kmpl. Since the tank is still half full, only this method is being used for now. After 606 kms, the MID shows economy figures of 9.2 kmpl, which after filling the tank up and calculating, rises to 10 kmpl. So, the MID was showing lower economy figures than it was achieving, usually, it is the other way around.


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Prices for the Ford Endeavour range from Rs 29.99 lakh for the base variant to Rs 35.45 lakh for the flagship Sport variant. The Endeavour in this test was the Sport variant, and it is powered by a 2-litre turbo-diesel unit which makes 170 PS/420 Nm of peak power and torque figures. It is mated to a 10-speed torque converter automatic transmission. The Endeavour is slated for an update around 2022 at the earliest, as the current generation is only 5 years old.

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