Kerala: Huge dancing crowd swiftly makes way for ambulance [Video]

by Harish Kumar | 25/03/2019
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The viral video recorded in Palakkad, Kerela will surprise many people who have bad impressions of the messy traffic in India.

The music was loud, the disco lights were shimmering instantly around the corners of the street where hundreds of festival devotees and enthusiasts are jumping, dancing and moving forward to the Bollywood songs. A stunning disco van blaring the music and lights were seen leading the giant fleet of dancing crowds, in a joyful and excitement-filled atmosphere. However, in a couple of minutes, the sea of revellers, immediately and seamlessly, parted away making way for an ambulance to pass through.

The video was recorded in Kerela where people were celebrating the annual Mannarkkad Pooram

Everything went smoothly and people were all nice, in their most perfect manner. The one-minute long video quickly goes rival and attracts thousands of views on the social networking sites to which people send plenty of compliments for the beautiful human behaviour as well as the smooth coordination of the masses. From the balcony views, everything happens to be a staged video of sorts but not, it is real, right there in Kerala which has already shown how humane and united people could be. Regardless of the deafening loudspeakers blaring music, the ambulance’s siren is the thing that people should alert themselves. Very honestly, it is nothing wrong to say that in a matter of seconds they slowed it down, a life they could save.

Kerala dancing crowd

People salute and praise very much for the nice action in Kerala

This is not the first time that Kerala hits the headlines for giving way to the emergent ambulance. There was another video shot from the dash camera of an ambulance displayed to the public how the motorists in this state made way for the car by pulling over to a narrow shoulder of the road. That sounds paradoxical to some regular cases in India that motorists were caught trying to pass through ahead of the emergency vehicles for many reasons. Such an action can lead to dangerous situations for others and themselves which we can never expect. There is currently a situation that, unlike in the developed countries where stringent rules are placed to give way for emergency vehicles, in India, many motorists do not even obey the lane-driving rule.

It is both critical and self-conscious to slow down your life speed and stop your vehicles for a moment to make way for the ambulance, fire engine, police and highway patrol cars, etc. Like in the above exceptional and emotional video, this is how the nation and the entire world should behave.

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