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by Mohammed Burman | 25/07/2020
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Below is a list of seven car logos with lion from car brands which use them to describe their companies or products.

Numerous car brands take inspiration sources from animals when creating their logos. Thanks to its courage, leadership, and strength, the lion is one of the most popular images in car logos. In the previous article, we have presented to you a list of car logos with snake. In the article below, we will provide you with seven car logos with lion. Read on to discover.

Büssing (Germany)

The first brand to have a car logo with lion is a German carmaker, Büssing. Established in 1903, Büssing is a truck and bus manufacturer. It rapidly developed into the largest European manufacturers whose utility vehicles were widely distributed.

The cars came with the famous Brunswick Lion logo. The lion car logo represents confidence and power as well as carrying a symbolic designation of new ways (new markets) search. MAN AF took over the company in 1971 and started to utilize the lion badge on its trucks which have been renamed as "MAN-Büssing".

bussing logo


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MAN AG (Germany)

MAN AG is owned by Traton SE, the heavy commercial vehicle subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. This lion badge is on the front of all MAN buses and trucks. As mentioned above, the lion comes from Büssing which was acquired by MAN in 1971. The lion bears a strong resemblance to the coat of Brunswick.

man ag logo


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INKAS (Canada)

Another company which has a car logo with lion is INKAS from Canada. Being a division of INKAS Group of Companies, INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing specializes in the production and design of numerous armed vehicles: luxury sedans, special purpose vehicles, executive SUVs, personnel carriers, etc. Since it started to operate in 1996, INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has been supplying armed vehicles to financial institutions including corporate clients, law enforcement agencies, and financial institutions.

The INKAS car logo comes with a lion to emphasize the reliability, safety, strength, and bullet-proof protection of INKAS vehicles. The lion holds a sword and is ready to protect both the car and the car owner under any circumstances.

inkas logo


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Proton (Malaysia)

The Proton Waja, which was launched in 2000, comes with a new Proton logo which featured a stylish lion head on a green roundel embossed on a dark blue shield, with a white “PROTON” capital lettering in Frutiger font. All Proton cars which were launched after 2000 featured the new logo. The roaring lion creates an image of a speeding car, representing the power and speed of Proton cars.


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Holden (Australia)

Formerly known as General Motors-Holden, Holden is an Australian car manufacturer which used to manufacture cars in the domestic markets before importing cars to foreign countries under Holden.

The Holden logo is known as “Holden lion and stone” and has played a great role in creating Holden’s character. The lion car logo can be associated with an ancient tale in which there exist perceptions that lions moving stones can prompt the wheel creation. The lion is a ruler and a fearless animal. Holden cars also look like rulers of the road.

holden logo


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Roewe (China)

The name Roewe was a result of SAIC’s failure to acquire the Rover brand name from BMW c. 2005. SAIC claimed that the name was derived from Löwe which means lion in Germany. Loewe is also the name of a Spanish luxury leather goods manufacturer.

The Roewe shield comes with a black and chess red pattern of the background with the monogram and gold image on it. Two repent lions are holding a sword which is vertically placed, which creates an elongated vertical bar of the ornate Gothic-style “R”. The lion is a symbol of courage and royalty. The bravest beautiful wild animal with the sword has been one of the most popular heraldic symbols.

roewe logo


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Peugeot (France)

Peugeot is a French automaker and is owned by Groupe PSA. The Peugeot logo was originally a lion walking on an arrow, representing the strength, speed, and flexibility of Peugeot cars. First appearing in 1847 when the PEUGEOT family was manufacturing steel products, the lion symbol represents the sharpness and strength of the cars, which is reflected through the lion’s sharp and jagged teeth. Later, a blue square is added to surround the lion shadow and the brand name.

peugeot logo

Lion logotype is used by cars that feature reliability and strength. Considered to be the king with the main qualities being wisdom, authority, courage, and power, no wonder why car logo with lions have chosen to be the symbol of many car brands which focus on heavy-duty vehicles.

Above is a compilation of 7 car logos with lion. Which one impresses you the most? Do not hesitate to write to us to share your feelings.

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