Here's a UNIQUE Mileage Test of Maruti Baleno - VIDEO

by Mohammed Burman | 29/11/2020
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Here's a Maruti Baleno petrol that was left on idle for an hour with the AC running. This exercise was done to figure out the fuel a car consumes when left idling

Fuel economy is one of the top priorities for Indian auto buyers when choosing their cars. Traffic gridlocks are quite common today, which forces you to spend hours on the road. This would cost you a great amount of fuel, especially on hot summer days when you need to leave the air conditioner on all the time you are in the car. In such cases, many people must wonder how much is your car fuel consumption when it remains stationary with the air conditioner on. Below is a video which helps us answer this question. The car featured in the video is a Maruti Baleno which receives its power from a 1.2-litre NA gasoline burner which can generate 83 BHP against 115 Nm and is mated to an MT/CVT.You can also discover the five most fuel-efficient cars in India in one of our previous posts.

Uploaded on Arun Panwar’s Youtube channel, the video starts with the vlogger’s explanation on the whole plan. He will fill up the car, drive back to his home, set the timer and then keep the car on for one hour with the air-conditioning system on. The main purpose is to find out how much fuel the car will consume in one hour. Everything goes according to plan except for one thing: he decides to keep the vehicle on for 20 minutes more, which means that the car is stationary for 80 minutes with the AC on. 


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maruti baleno front angle fuel consumption test.


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After that, he drove the car to the petrol station to fill it up again. The car required 1.66 litres of petrol, which is worth INR 130. As per the vlogger, the fuel station is 4 km from his place. As per ARAI, the Baleno petrol offers a fuel efficiency of 21.4 kmpl, which means the car could have travelled at least over 30 km on the fuel used while it was left on idle with the aircon running.  

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