Hyundai Elantra Modified to Look WILD with Gullwing and Scissor Doors

by Harish Kumar | 18/02/2021
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Here's a brilliant Hyundai Elantra modified to look sporty and aggressive with both gullwing rear doors and scissor front doors. Check out the wackiest modified Hyundai Elantra ever.

In its original avatar, the Hyundai Elantra is actually a premium vehicle. However, in the world of creativity and modifications, the stock Elantra still looks a tad boring for many people who love to have things spruced up around the car’s overall appeal. While there are just a few examples of modified Hyundai Elantra in India, this modified Elantra should be the wildest one that you have ever seen.

modified hyundai elantra side angle image 1

First thing first, it should be noted that the modification job on this sedan is not from India. But, without exaggeration, it does give us some inspiring modification goals. From the look of it, this modified Hyundai Elantra is, just says, brilliant. Safety aside, this Hyundai Elantra has been modified with an aftermarket body kit that makes it the coolest and most unique modified car we’ve ever known. Hyundai’s logo has been eliminated, making room for a Batman moniker at the front. The underbody spoiler also gives the modified sedan a sportier front look.


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To name the craziest parts of the modified Elantra, it’s none other than looking at the side of the vehicle. The car modifier must have the utmost desire to make the Elantra wacky and flamboyant as the modified Elantra now gets an extended body with scissor front doors and gullwing rear doors. That sounds a bit crazy! These doors are all electrically controlled and they can operate on their own. Also, the extended body of the Elantra could retract using hydraulics that is something we see for the very first time in a modified vehicle.

A set of massive multi-spoke wheel rims with low-profile tyres are also a major highlight for the modified Hyundai Elantra. Another interesting thing is that the modified Hyundai Elantra gets a revolving strand that makes it move on its axis – another thing we have never seen in a modified car before.

On the inside, the Elantra also comes with a thoroughly-customised cabin that features a dual-tone black-blue colour scheme. There are also two individual infotainment screens at the rear, all the ways to enhance the excellent in-car entertainment for the rear passengers.


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Hyundai wasn’t really successful with the Elantra in the Indian market but it’s not the case for other countries in the world. In fact, the Hyundai Elantra is an immensely popular D-segment sedan in many markets around the world. Hyundai Motor India has just launched the BS6-compliant Elantra with a 1.5-litre diesel engine sourced from the Verna in our market. Price of the Elantra in India is not really affordable for many as it is sitting in between Rs 17.59 – 20.64 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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