Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R Comparison: Hatchback Siblings Compared

by Harish Kumar | 24/06/2020
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Our article will provide you with in-depth comparison between Maruti Celerio and Maruti Wagon R in India.

1. Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R: Introduction

Two of the successful hatchbacks from Maruti Suzuki are the Wagon R vs Celerio. Both two cars have managed to convince the sceptical Indian buyers to become the bestsellers of their segments right after the time of launch. At some certain points, Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R share a similarity though, they bear some striking differences in quite several aspects. One has been quite long in the tooth now with the first model hit the market in 1999. One is a bit younger to the game but no inferior to in the sales stakes. How will the two hatchbacks compare against each other? Which hatchback is better for you? IndianAuto helps you find a clear answer in the Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R comparison.

maruti celerio vs maruti wagon r

2. Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R Dimensions: Which is bigger?

While the Maruti Wagon R is typically a tall boy hatchback car with a boxy look, the Celerio is a funky hatch that has mixed design element into it. Therefore, it makes good sense that the Wagon R is taller than the Celerio while the latter is the longer of the two.


Maruti Celerio

Maruti Wagon R


3695 mm

3655 mm


1600 mm

1620 mm


1560 mm

1675 mm


2425 mm

2435 mm

Ground Clearance

165 mm

165 mm

Kerb Weight

815-925 mm

805-910 mm

Maruti Celerio measures a 3695 mm length, making it 40 mm longer than the Wagon R which gets an overall length of 3655 mm. Save for the length, however, the Celerio’s height, width and wheelbase are all inferior to its older sibling. The width, height and wheelbase of the Celerio are at 1,600 mm, 1,560 mm and 2,425 mm while those of the Wagon R are at 1,620 mm, 1,675 mm and 2,435 mm, respectively.

The Celerio and Wagon R shares the same ground clearance of 165 mm while the former is a tad heavier than the other.

3. Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R Design: Which is better looking?

Exterior comparison

Maruti Wagon R and Maruti Celerio get one thing in common that’s their tall-boy styling design. While the Wagon R took shape long before the Celerio was born, it is certain that the Wagon R has paved the way for the favourite tallboy hatches in India.

maruti celerio front three quarters image 1

However, when the Wagon R follows strictly its practical boxy tallboy design philosophy, the Celerio has some elements mixed into it. The front end of the Celerio leans towards conventional hatches and looks pleasing with a stylish blacked-out grille with honeycomb patterns and a chrome strip running on the top border, large prominent headlamps, large central air dam with honeycomb shape and rounded fog lamps.

maruti wagon r front three quarters

Whereas, the Maruti Wagon R showcases its boxy-looking design more obviously, which can be reflected in both the front, side and rear facades. The Wagon R looks bulkier and gets a more rounded-off front nose. It has a sporty chin, smaller front grille with chrome strips at the centre, arrow-shaped headlamps along with squared-out fog lamps housing at the lower parts. In final words, the Maruti Wagon R seems to get a more balanced body than the Celerio sibling.

Interior Comparison

Both the Wagon R and Celerio get a dual-tone black-beige interior colour scheme that feels bright and airy. The cabin layout of the Wagon R looks ease to the eyes. The best part of the Wagon R is that it’s so easy to get in and out of the vehicle. Not a single soft-touch bit is made to the interior of the Wagon R but is nicely-textured top of dashboard elevates its upmarket look.

maruti wagon r dashboard layout

As for the dashboard design, however, the one seen in the Wagon R isn’t really impressive. It looks quite plain and outdated while the Celerio does look slightly more premium with more bits onboard. We think that Wagon R’s dash is disproportionate. The vents look a bit odd and same goes for the buttons below the centre display.

maruti celerio interior dashboard layout

Maruti Celerio, in the meanwhile, carries over a more conventional dashboard design with two AC vents placed above the audio system as well as switches and buttons below it.

Still, we all appreciate how much wide and practical the Celerio and WagonR’s cabin are that we’ll talk about in the next part of the Celerio vs Wagon R comparison.

4. Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R Features: Which is safer and more convenient?

Comfort Features Comparison

maruti wagon r cabin layout

As far as the convenience and comfort quotient is concerned, it turns out that the Maruti Wagon R offers a more compelling package. The Wagon R comes with a strong suite of comfort features such as 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, accessory socket front row with storage space, AC & Heater, 1L bottle holders, rear parcel tray, reclining & front sliding seats among others.

maruti celerio cabin layout

The Maruti Celerio is equipped with air conditioner, power steering, accessory socket, manual air-con, central door lock and more.

When talking about the practicality, it has always been a Wagon R’s biggest USP that we think the Celerio can’t match with. Boot space of the Wagon R has been doubled to 341 litres while the Celerio makes do with only 235 litres. It also offers 60:40 split seats that further enhances its practicality to a higher level. There are oodles of storage spaces on the inside the older tall boy as well.

Safety Features Comparison

Maruti Suzuki has found itself in the dock on car safety as some of the Maruti cars are arguably offering a low level of safety and scored bad rating from the Global NCAP. That’s the case for the current Wagon R or the older-gen Celerio.

maruti celerio airbags

Luckily, Maruti Suzuki has equipped the new Celerio with more safety features in 2019 to secure the safety-conscious buyers in India. The Celerio comes with standard driver airbags, passenger airbags (for some select variants), seatbelt reminder for both driver and passenger, pedestrian protection, ABS, headlamp levelling, childproof rear door locks, engine immobilizer, speed alert, reverse parking sensors and so on.

maruti wagon r heartect platform

Maruti Wagon R is available with driver airbags as standard, passenger airbags for top-spec trims, ABS with EBD, seatbelt reminder with buzzer, speed alert, rear parking sensors, childproof rear door lock and more. In their latest-gen avatar, the Wagon R is based on the solid Heartect Platform while the Celerio is yet to receive the new body structure yet.

5. Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R Engine Specs: Which is more powerful?

Both the Celerio and Wagon R are using the same 1.0-litre K10B petrol engine option with CNG option. This mill can develop 67 BHP of max power and 90 Nm of max torque (for the pure petrol model) and 58 BHP/ 78 Nm for the CNG mode.

Engine Specs

Maruti Celerio

Maruti Wagon R

Engine Type

K10 B


K10 B

K12 M


998 cc

998 cc

998 cc

1197 cc

Max Power

67 BHP

Petrol: 67 BHP


Petrol: 67 BHP


81 BHP

Peak torque

90 Nm

Petrol: 90 Nm

CNG: 78 Nm

Petrol: 90 Nm

CNG: 78 Nm

113 Nm


5 MT/ Auto Gear Shift

5 MT



Emission standards



Besides, the Wagon R is also available with a 1.2-litre K12M petrol engine good for 81 BHP and 113 Nm of torque. We've got a chance to drive the Wagon R on the roads, let's check out our Maruti Wagon R test drive review in the video below:

6. Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R Top Speed: Which is faster?


Maruti Celerio

Maruti Wagon R

Top Speed

125-130 kmph

152 kmph

0-100 kmph

15.05 seconds

15 seconds


7. Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R Mileage: Which is more fuel-efficient?


Maruti Celerio

Maruti Wagon R

Fuel Type

Petrol, CNG

Petrol, CNG

Fuel Tank Capacity



Fuel Mileage

21.63 kmpl (Petrol)

31.79 km/kg

21.79 kmpl (Petrol)

33.54 km/kg (CNG

8. Maruti Celerio vs Maruti Wagon R Price: Which is cheaper?


Maruti Celerio

Maruti Wagon R

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi)

Rs 4.41 – 5.68

Rs 4.45 – 5.94 Lakh

On-road Price (Delhi)

Rs 4.83 – 6.22 Lakh

Rs 4.88 – 6.56 Lakh

9. Maruti Celerio: Other Competitors

Other competitors

Compare with Maruti Celerio

Maruti S-Presso

Maruti Celerio vs Maruti S-Presso

10. Maruti Wagon R: Other Competitors

Maruti Wagon R is competing with some hatchbacks like Renault Triber, Hyundai Santro or Tata Tiago.

Other competitors

Compare with Maruti Wagon R

Renault Triber

Maruti Wagon R vs Renault Triber

Hyundai Santro

Maruti Wagon R vs Hyundai Santro

Tata Tiago

Maruti Wagon R vs Tata Tiago

11. Maruti Wagon R vs Maruti Celerio Verdict: Which is worth buying?

While the Maruti Celerio is rather style-oriented and premium, the Maruti Wagon R heads towards utility and practicality. Both the cars stay on par with each other when it comes to the performance, efficiency and maintenance cost.

The Maruti Celerio is targeted at the younger audience with its more premium appeal while the Wagon R offers the ease of getting in and out along with good all-round visibility on the roads. So, if it’s style and head-turner that you are looking at, the Celerio is a good buy. If you concern more about the flexibility and convenience of usage, the Wagon R is a steal.

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