Here's a Modified Abarth Punto with As Much Power As a BMW 3-Series

by Kshitij Rawat | 30/04/2020
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This modified Abarth Punto may look quite simple, but has been modified and tuned to be as powerful as a diesel-sipping BMW 3-Series

The hot hatch genre may have been popular all over the world, but Indian buyers seem to be a little conservative when it comes to buying a “performance” small car. The best example we have is the Abarth Punto. Fiat Punto was a spunky little car, and more power and better handling by Abarth only made it a better package! Sadly, the brand saw poor sales overall, and decided to shut operations in India. Thankfully, there are a few enthusiasts who gave the little Abarth a home, and a few who gave it an extra dose of love as well, like the one we have here.

185 horsepower modified Abarth Punto

Modified Abarth Punto by Autopsyche India

The picture we see above was posted on Stay Tune India’s facebook page. The owner, Karan Kumar, claims a maximum power figure of 185 bhp! To put that in perspective, a stock Abarth Punto generates 140 bhp, while a regular Fiat Punto made 67 bhp in petrol guise and 91 bhp with a diesel heart. In fact, this car is now almost as powerful as a BMW 3 Series diesel as the 320d variant offers a maximum power of 187 bhp. Of course, at 1,660 kg, the 3'er is a lot heavier. 


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This particular Abarth Punto has been modified by Autopsyche India, a custom car workshop based in New Delhi. The engine is a 1.4-litre, turbocharged, inline-4, petrol unit that has benefitted from a custom blow-off valve, upgraded intercooler, custom air intake and a stainless steel exhaust. The car has also received custom coil-over springs, short shifter and chassis brace. 

Modified Abarth Punto

The car looks rather simple, devoid of vinyl and stickering

There hasn’t been a lot of customisation of the exterior of the car. The racing livery we see on a regular Abarth Punto has been stripped from this car, and it gets an all-black paint scheme that makes this car somewhat of a sleeper. The car rides on 17-inch alloy wheels shod with 225/45 Michelin rubber. The rims are black in colour to match the rest of the car. There has also been no change to the interior of the car, which also has an all-black colour palette. Overall, we’d say that this Abarth Punto will surely surprise many unsuspecting motorists out there.

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