Here's a Modified Mahindra Bolero With A Built-In Toilet

by Jatin Chhibber | 03/07/2020
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This Mahindra Bolero gets an in-built toilet. The overall cost of this modification is Rs 65,000.

Earlier, we’ve done a lot of stories on modified cars on our website. But, there are a few smart and weird car customizations which literally make us laugh, but sometimes we do appreciate such mods after looking at the modifiers creativity level. As many of you may know that there are very few clean toilets on Indian roads and highways. So, here’s a customized Mahindra Bolero from Kerala, which features an in-built toilet. This means that you will not have to linger around in search of a clean toilet. This customization job is done by Ojes Automobiles, who have been a part of various mod jobs and have even worked on the cars of some popular celebrities like Mammootty, Prithviraj and so on.


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If you don’t know, Ojes Automobiles are into a business of coach building and caravan customization. The Bolero modification has been done without changing the structure of the car. Moreover, the overall cost of the customization is around Rs 65,000. The toilet you see in the video embedded with this story is a fully functional vacuum toilet, which many of you must have seen in the aeroplanes. The last row of the SUV has been completely removed to make space for the toilet. The western-styled seat has been fitted ideways in the car. Moreover, there’s also a faucet, sanitizer and soap for better hygiene.



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There are two separate tanks in this Bolero, one of them is to supply freshwater and the other one collects wastewater. These water tanks are made up of GRP coated aluminium. No customizations have been done on the outside, and the last row has been covered with opaque curtains. The modifier has said that he has done this customization for one of his client who often goes on long trips. The interior of the car remains the same except for the addition of a vacuum toilet. 

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