What is PUC Challan Rate 2021?

by Harish Kumar | 08/03/2021
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With the new Motor Vehicle Act kicking in, the PUC Challan rate 2021 has been increased substantially. People who once used to ignore the importance of PUC of their cars and bikes now have to rush to the pollution checking centres for PUC certificates.

The new Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill has taken the country by storm since September 1, 2019. With the new Act roll-out, the numbers of issued challans have grown sharply, together with the increased penalty, especially the PUC challan rate 2021. Have you ever seen many cars standing outside a petrol pump in recent days? Interestingly, they’re not there for filling the fuel, but for getting PUC certificates done. According to the Transport Department official, there are as many as 1,25 lakh vehicles turned up at 950 centres from Sep 1-2, 2019 after the new MVA kicks in for pollution checks and more than 84,000 PUC certificates were issued in the same period.

What is a PUC certificate?

puc challan rate 2019

The number of PUC certificates rise significantly after the new Motor Vehicle Act kicking in.

The Pollution Under Control or PUC test is performed on four-wheelers and two-wheelers to check if their emission of smoke, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and other pollutants discharged into the air are under the limit.

Thanks to the use of machines placed in the exhaust pipes, the carbon emissions will be checked if they are not doing serious harm to the environment. Based on the test’s result, the PUC certificates will be issued to the owners to certify that their vehicles meet the air pollution control norms.

In the latest updates, the PUC (Pollution Under Control) certification has been mandatory since January 2021. Reports also suggested that the Road Transport Ministry had released a draft notification on November 27, 2020, asking for suggestions before the online PUC system is kicked off. Therefore, it is expected that the process will take one or two months to be completed then the PUC system goes into operation.

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What is PUC Challan Rate 2021?

Under the implementation of the new Motor Act, the PUC challan rate 2021 is raised staggeringly at Rs 10,000. The validity of a new PUC certificate is 6 months. If you do not hold a valid PUC certificate or your certification has expired, you will be easily booked for a challan amount of Rs 10,000.

petrol stations in inida

The Government has passed an order to set up pollution checking centres across the petrol pumps.

Recently, the Government of Bihar also released an order to establish the PUC centres across all the petrol stations. For your further information, the PUC charges for diesel and petrol cars are Rs 120 and Rs 80, respectively. That of two-wheelers is Rs 60.

indian police stop traffic law-breakers

Any violation of the PUC norm will be fined at Rs 10,000 from now on.

Previously, any violation of PUC norm invited an amount of Rs 1,000 solely on the first time and Rs 2,000 on the second time. That’s attributed to the sudden increase in the PUC certificates across the country in a short period of time. And quite obviously then, the enhanced amount of PUC challan rate has instilled the fear of obeying laws into the road users. Hopefully, the heftier fines with stricter rules under the new Motor Vehicle Act will bring about more disciplined motorists and drivers across the country.

PUC challan rate 2021:

  • Rs 1,000 - 10,000 / violation

Fees for PUC certificate:

The cost to get the Pollution Under Control Certificate may vary from Rs.60/- to Rs.100/ and it depends on the fuel type.

  • Petrol/ CNG/LPG (including Bi-fuel) driven 2&3 wheeled vehicles: Rs 60/-

  • Petrol/ CNG/LPG (including Bi-fuel) driven 4&6 wheeled vehicles: above Rs 80/-

  • Diesel driven vehicle: Rs 100/- (GST extra applicable).

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