Check Out This Modified Mahindra Thar With 4 Door Layout

by Vivaan Khatri | 07/01/2020
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This Mahindra Thar gets a four-door structure in replacement of the old two-door setting. Other updates also contribute to an extensive upgrading.

Mahindra Thar is the favourite object for car modification enthusiasts. IndianAuto has introduced a series of customized Thar from the most basic to the more complicated customization jobs. For the following modified Mahindra Thar, we will see a very extensive makeover which will blow your mind.

Modified | Automatic 4x4 | 2 Door Thar Into 4 Door | Open Jeep

Originally, Mahindra Thar is a two-door model. However, on this modified car, you can access through the two front doors and another two rear door. In place of the two large doors, Mahindra Thar now gets four smaller doors. In order to gain two extra doors, the modifier has made use of the body panel of the Mahindra MM550. After adopting the new body sheet, this Mahindra Thar looks longer than usual.

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Apart from gaining two more doors, the off-road SUV also features a new exterior painting scheme. Regularly, we only see the Thar in those more basic colours like black, blue, white or silver. The new orange-black has refreshed the whole appearance of the off-roader, making it look more stylish, youthful and splashy. Moreover, it also gets a black piano application on the bonnet, which adds to the overall sleekness of the car.

modified mahindra thar with four door

Modified Mahindra Thar looks brilliant with new orange colour

Besides, the modification updates also include an instalment of new LED headlights, new front grille design which is strongly inspired by Transformer movie franchise. On the front bumper, it features new LED fog lights and electric winch. To the side profile, the regular set of wheels is now replaced by larger 17-inch fat tyres. To fit the larger wheels, the fenders are also revised. Notably, the new fender gets a LED strip which serves as a turn indicator. On the inside, it is not hard to point out that the modified Thar gets a new electronically adjustable seat which is sourced from the Skoda Superb. This Mahindra Thar is an open-roof version with roll cage built on the inside.

To the rear end, the rear bumper is revamped with new LED taillights and reverse lamp as well as a new turn indicator. Besides the larger alloy wheels used on the side, there is also a spare unit mounted on the back.


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Not only getting exterior updates, but the Mahindra Thar also embraces essential changes under the hood. This off-roader now gets a 3.1-litre engine along with a new automatic gearbox in place of the old manual unit. The all-wheel-drive with low ration transmission setting remains. This comprehensive customization takes 4 months to finish.

Currently, the regular Mahindra Thar is replaced by the Mahindra Thar 700 which is on sales at Rs 9.99 lakh. This modified Mahindra Thar is powered by a 2.5-litre engine which can deliver a top power of 105 PS and a maximum torque of 247 Nm. Mahindra is working on the new-gen Thar which is scheduled to launch this year. The second-gen Mahindra Thar will make its debut on the 2020 Auto Expo. The new version will receive a new 2.2-litre turbocharged diesel engine along with cruise control.

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