This Modified Mahindra Thar Can Be Your Best Off-road Companion

by Vivaan Khatri | 30/07/2020
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This Mahindra Thar is modified and equipped with a host of off-road-centric features. Moreover, it still looks handsome and cool.

Mahindra Thar is one of the most popular off-roaders in India. It is also one of the favourite cars for modification. Basically, every Mahindra Thar in India should have gone through a certain level of customization, from the minor updates like replacing tyres and wheels to the more comprehensive and complicated customization job. In the following, IndianAuto will show you another modified Thar which might give you some inspiration for your own Thar.

Modified Mahindra Thar three quarter front

Modified Mahindra Thar looks good with the white-olive green exterior paint scheme  

The modification job on this Mahindra Thar is well-executed with customized exterior and interior. On the outside, the car gets a new paint job. White is used as the main colour and it is added with olive green accents on the bumper and wheel rims. On the front, this Thar is equipped with an off-road bumper with new fog lights and a pair of auxiliary lamps. To make the car more compatible for off-roading, the owner of the car has added an aluminium bash plate on the front end. On the hood, there are also limb risers which will protect the hood and windshield from the bushes and tree limbs. This Mahindra Thar comes with hardtop which enables a load of new space for storage with roof luggage carrier. There is also a snorkel and external roll cage fixed on this modified Mahindra Thar.


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modified mahindra thar rear

This modified Mahindra Thar can be a well-functioning car for an off-road trip

On the side profile, the highlight is the new steel wheels with all-terrain tyres. Plus the rims feature an olive green finish. Thanks to the lift kit, this Thar sits slightly higher than the original version. On the rear end, an off-road bumper is also added. On the boot lid, right next to the spare wheel mount, there is also a jerrycan to carry extra fuel.


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Coming to the cabin, we see a new dark brown upholstery. The seats are now electrically adjustable, which is not the case with the stock version. This modified Mahindra Thar also gets a 2-din music system with roof-mounted speakers. With these updates and enhancements, this Mahindra Thar is more than ready to take on the tough roads. Overall, this car is a well-modified example with the right amount of customization, which makes it ready to take on the road less explored.

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