This Modified Tata Nano Wants to Fly - Wait, What?

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 23/04/2020
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A man from UP has modified his Tata Nano to look like a helicopter from every angle. Interior has also been modified to resemble a cockpit. Check it out.

Sitting in a helicopter at least once in a lifetime is a dream for many. However, a few wish to own one as well. The expensive fare of travelling via a helicopter and its super-expensive price is what brings in that aspirational value associated with it. But, even if someone can afford one, they need to learn to fly one as well. Therefore, not everyone in the country can afford to buy or travel in a helicopter. But, modifying the cheapest car in the world to look like a helicopter is comparitively muchcheaper affair. This Tata Nano in the pictures has been modified by a man from Uttar Pradesh to looks like a helicopter. It has undergone an extensive modification job, but this Nano cannot fly for real. It is merely a showpiece.

The car has been done up with the use of correct parts at the right place. It can confuse most eyes, at least, at the first glance. The body has been fabricated with extra panels on the rear portion of the car to make the chopper’s tail. A neat design for the faux engine housing on the car’s roof is also an example of the attention to detail that has been put in this job. We would say, it is the wheels and the stock doors of the Tata Nano that hint of it being a mere modification job and not an actual helicopter.

The interior of the car has also been tweaked out to resemble the cockpit of a chopper. The owner has replaced the stock dials and switches to aftermarket ones. Also, the steering wheel is replaced with a new unit with some extra switches for various controls. To make the interior feels posher, it has been draped in a shade of beige.


Tata Nano, The Costly Cheapest Car Ever

This Modified Tata Nano Wants to Fly - Wait, What?

This modified Tata Nano boats of a clean modification job and can mistake some inexperienced for a real chopper.

This is one of the craziest modification jobs we have come across in a long while now. Delightfully, it has been tendered with high attention to detail and looks clean from all the angles. The mechanicals of the Tata Nano, however, are kept in their stock from. So, this 'chopper' is the puniest one in the country with a 624cc 2-cylinder motor powering its rear wheels, not the rotor blades. The petrol engine on the Nano belts out a peak power output of 37 BHP and a max. torque of 51 Nm. And, this chopper uses that very same engine in the very same state of tune.

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