Toyota RAV4 Modified into Rs 3.1 Crore Lamborghini Urus for Just Rs 1.25 Lakh

by Jatin Chhibber | 01/05/2020
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Images of the current-gen Toyota RAV4 employing a body kit to look like Lamborghini Urus hacve gone viral. The total cost of this body kit is Rs 1.25 lakh.

As many you may know, Chinese carmakers are big copycats and are quite popular around the globe for making replicas of Indian, American, European and Japanese vehicles. Sometimes, we laugh at them and at other, they even amaze us with the replicas they make. However, in some car markets, like that of India, it's only in the customization circle that people copy the aesthetics of some expensive car for modifying the affordable ones. The customization scene is no different in a developed country like Japan.


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Today we have one such modification example, where a latest-gen Toyota RAV4 has been customized to look like Lamborghini Urus. This mod job is done by Japan-based Ceaeser Inc. They’ve also renamed the premium crosser SUV- RAV4 Albermo XR15. Just like its name, the body kit also looks quite complicated. The modifier has tried hard to convert an affordable car into a luxurious Lambo SUV.

The RAV4 Albermo XR15 kit features a sharp front bumper to make it look like the Lamborghini Urus, but it still gets the regular RAV4 headlamps. Moreover, the Toyota SUV continues to feature its factory-fitted safety net, which includes features like safety sense suit, parking sensors and radar sensors. Another prominent change is the employment of Albermo brand logo fixed on top of the bumper. Furthermore, the addition of LED DRLs along with aftermarket side grille in an optional fitment.


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These two elements help the Toyota RAV4 to look more like Lamborghini Urus. Some other optional aftermarket hardware consists of a roof-mounted spoiler. The exact cost of this aftermarket Urus body kit is 2,16,000 Yen, which translates into Rs 1.25 lakh Indian rupee (excluding the installation cost). Talking about the Lamborgini Urus, the performance SUV is retailed at a price tag of Rs 3.1 crore (ex-showroom, Delhi). 

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