Old Toyota Fortuner and New Model Help Each Other Get Out of Soft Sand

by Vivaan Khatri | 13/07/2020
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Going off-road sounds exciting. However, always be prepared for situations like the ones faced by these two Toyota Fortuner SUVs

Off-roading is an important part of the automotive culture which has been cherished by generations of car fanatics. In India, the off-road scene has developed and attracted a huge following. SUVs are well-known as the most capable vehicles in off-roading. It is not an overstatement to say that it is through the off-road trips that the SUVs show their true colour. Even though Indian customers are showing increasing interest in SUVs, most of the SUVs sold in our market are not equipped for such excursions.

toyota fortuner off road on sand dune

Toyota Fortuner is one of the SUVs with outstanding offroad capability 

In the following video, you can see a group of off-roaders who have organized an off-road dune bashing event with a number of capable off-roaders like Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, Maruti Gypsy, Mahindra Thar and Isuzu V-Cross. Interestingly, besides showing the powerful performance of these famous off-roaders, the video also shows a scene where a new Toyota Fortuner and an old-gen Fortuner help each other out of the deep sand.


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Sand Dunes Offroading | Fortuner new & old, Endeavour 3.2, Thar, Isuzu V-Cross

As shown in the video, the sand looks loose and soft, which can easily swallow the vehicles. Unfortunately, the two Toyota Fortuners, one from the older generation and another from the current line-up, have consequently got stuck in the deep sand. The old-gen Toyota Fortuner was the first car to get stuck in the soft sand and was unable to free itself. Later, a new-gen Toyota Fortuner offered a hand to help the car to move forward.


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Not long after the new-gen SUV helped its predecessor, the car was caught in the same situation and couldn't free itself out of the deep sand. This time, the old-gen Fortuner came to help but failed since the SUV was badly stuck in the sand and even faced the risk of rolling over. Some guys from the off-road team had to seek help from the electric winch to pull the car out of the sand. Fortunately, this time, the car was successfully rescued. The Fortuners were not the only victim of the soft sand. In fact, later in the video, the Ford Endeavour and Isuzu V-Cross were also stranded in the soft sand dune and had to be winched out.

toyota fortuner off road stuck

Toyota Fortuner got stuck in the soft sand

These incidents are not uncommon during off-road journeys. When going off-road, you always have to prepare to face similar situations. Hence, it's essential to carry the required rescue equipment. For example, if you get stuck in the sand, a shovel and a winch will be your life-savers. Moreover, it is highly advised not to go on an off-road trip alone. There will be times when you will need help from other vehicles to tow the car. Before heading for off-roading, you should also learn about the terrains and all the obstacles that you might encounter during the trip. Going off-road is fun, but always be prepared for facing tough situations. 

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