ORA Punk Cat is Copy Cat, Looks Identical to VW Beetle

by Jatin Chhibber | 23/04/2021
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ORA has recently revealed a new EV named Punk Cat, which looks similar to that of the iconic VW Beetle. It was unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show.

Chinese carmakers are known around the world for a lot of things one of them is bluntly copying designs of an already existing vehicle. Many of you may know Great Wall Motors, as they showcased their upcoming products for the Indian market at the Auto Expo 2020. The GWM ORA has recently attracted a lot of spectators at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show with the upcoming electric cars. The automaker has unveiled two new electric vehicles, and both of them were looking like an exact replica of some popular VW and Porsche cars. Here’s a closer look at one of them, which looks very similar to that of the VW Beetle. 


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The Chinese automaker's interpretation of the popular VW Beetle is a four-door electric car. It has been named ORA Punk Cat. The design of this electric car is inspired by one of the most popular designs in the automotive world, the VW Beetle from 1960. The overall profile of the car along with several styling changes are identifiable as the Beetle, however, ORA has tried to give some modern flavour to the Punk Cat. It gets round edges, flared wheel arches along with a sloping roofline, which makes it look reminiscent of the original VW Beetle. Moreover, the window line as well as the front and rear bumper of the ORA EV are inspired from original of the VW hatchback.



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The rear section of the car does not get a split rear windshield, which was one of the signature element of the Beetle in the 1960s. Some modern touches on the ORA Cat Punk EV are the addition of LED headlights and taillamps, smart-looking alloy units and a neat looking rear-end. The taillights and alloy units seem to be inspired by Fiat Panda. The carmaker says that the ORA Punk Cat will mainly target the female crowd. It will come equipped with a feature known as Princess Seat. The seats of the car will automatically level, and the infotainment unit will automatically play your favourite music.

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