Lost Your RC book? Complete Guide to Duplicate RC

by Harish Kumar | 09/11/2019
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You have lost your RC book and don’t know what to do? Stay calm and follow our guidelines on How to Get Duplicate RC?

Registration Certificate (RC) is an important document that any driver should carry all the time on the drives. RC signifies that your vehicle has been registered with your Regional Transport Office (RTO) so things could get tough if you have misplaced your RC. Before we tell you how to get duplicate RC, let’s us give you a handle on the RC book and all paperwork related to it.

Know your RC book

The RC book or RC card includes all the information associated with your vehicle such as:

  1. Registration Number

  2. Registration Date

  3. Engine Number

  4. Ownership Serial

  5. Chassis Number

  6. Vehicle Type

  7. RC Chip

  8. Hypothecation status

  9. Customer Details

  10. Car Detail

  11. RTO Detail

  12. Road Tax Detail

How to Get Duplicate RC?

When Could You Apply For A Duplicate RC card?

Besides the case when your RC is misplaced or stolen, there are some other circumstances where you could require a duplicate RC from the authority. We list them out as follows:

  • Your original RC is not valid as it has a broken/ missing chip.
  • Your original RC has incorrect particulars such as hypothecation available (HPA), hypothecation terminated (HPT), manufacturing year, ownership serial, etc.
  • The information in the original RC is different from that in Vahan Check.
  • The Chassis Number is illegible
  • The RC has been lost or stolen.


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How To Require A Duplicate RC book for car online?

Theoretically, getting a duplicate RC is quite a hassle-free process. However, one should know the exact procedures and have the documents in place to get a copy of the RC book from the RTO.

How to Get Duplicate RC?

In case you're wondering how to get duplicate RC, the first thing you need to do is to file a complaint at the police station where you have lost you RC. You can launch an FIR online as well so that police would issue you a challan stating that your RC is being lost. The Missing RC challan is issued for free but you need to provide the police officials with the basic particulars like:

  • Car owner name, address

  • Chassis Number

  • Engine Number

  • Car details: Model, Colour

  • Registration Number

  • Self-signed copy of ID proof

  • Self-signed copy of the driving license

  • Self-signed copy of Address proof

*Note: If your vehicle is under a loan, you’ll need to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the bank for the RTO. It is aimed at providing the RTO with the hypothecation status of the vehicle.


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Documents required to obtain a copy of RC at the RTO:

  • Form 26

  • Copy of FIR

  • Bank NOC (if your vehicle is leased or financed)

  • Copy of PUC

  • Chassis imprint of the vehicle

  • ID and Address proofs

  • Affidavit that states the loss of RC

How much does a duplicate RC cost?

You will have to pay the duplicate RC fee which is under INR 500 and your new RC will be sent to your address within several days.

*Note: It is advisable that you should not entertain any agents or charlatans who promise to help you obtain a duplicate RC. The service fee will be somewhere between INR 2,500 to 3,000 which should be a rip-off since you still have to do all the above yourself.


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Difference Between Getting A Duplicate RC and RC Renewal

Attaining a copy of RC is hugely different from getting it renewed. A duplicate RC will be required in case you lost your original one while renewal of RC is mandatory in case your original registration certificate has expired. To renew your RC or re-register your vehicle, you should hand in an application of RC renewal with Form 25 to the RTO, get your car inspected and then pay the fee at the cash counter. A new RC will be issued to you after all documents are verified. So, whether you've been thinking how to get duplicate RC or renew your RC, the proecdure for both has been pretty easy. 


What to do when your car is stolen?

Re-registering or renewing the vehicle for the inter-state vehicle transfer:

  • Hand in a self-declared affidavit to the RTO

  • Get the NOC from the original RTO

  • Get the NOC from the National Crime Record Bureau and the bank (if applicable)

  • Submit the PUC, insurance of vehicle, chassis imprint copy, ID and address proof and smart card copy to the RTO.

Here are things you need to know in you have been wondering how to get duplicate RC in case the original RC has been lost. Hopefully, the above guide would be informative and helpful to you. Also, in case you want to sell your used car online, IndianAuto is the best stop for you.

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