Relatives Find a Way to Mourn Demise of Beloved From XUV500, E-Class, Amaze, Other Cars – Video

by Kshitij Rawat | 11/05/2020
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To offer condolences after the death of a relative, people in West Delhi found an ingenious way of mourning though their XUV500, E-Class, Amaze, Other Cars while maintaining social distancing

Tragedy doesn’t wait to play its ugly hand; it simply does whenever it pleases to. Even as the country remains in a lockout and life seems to have come to a complete halt, days continue to roll by. Still, family members, relatives, and friends are trying to be there for each other and spreading positivity. Recently, a video has surfaced on the internet, which shows relatives coming to mourn the death of a loved one, while still following the protocols of social distancing.

Relatives In XUV500, E-Class, Amaze, Other Cars Find a Way to Mourn Demise of Beloved

The video above shows a group of people, driving around in their vehicles, coming to the house of their relative to mourn their loss. The incident reportedly took place in West Delhi. They, however, did something really smart. Instead of getting out of their vehicles and entering the house, the people decide to stay out and offer condolences from an appropriate distance. Some held placards, while others offered greetings. By maintaining appropriate distance, these people have behaved responsibly and should be applauded for that. Showing care is extremely important, and it’s extremely heartwarming to see people doing their best to offer a proverbial shoulder to someone in need.

Relatives Find a Way to Mourn Demise of Beloved Using XUV500, E-Class, Amaze, Other Cars – Video

In the video, we see a convoy of Mahindra XUV500, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Honda WR-V, Honda Amaze, Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Swift, Tata Harrier, Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Hyundai Creta, Honda Jazz, and another Honda City, in that order. Although the people weren’t able to physically console their family members, this little gestures of affection surely goes a long way.


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In other news, the nationwide lockdown has now been relaxed by a few degrees, with some states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka discussing the possibility of further relaxations. Carmakers are also resuming production, albeit in a lower capacity than before and with appropriate health and safety precautions. The pandemic has managed to wreak havoc on the Indian economy, with carmakers reporting zero sales in the month of April. A few manufacturers have started online purchase and home-delivery for cars, which might help automakers regain lost sales volume, at least partially.

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