Check Out A List Of The Car Brands That Start With S

by Mohammed Burman | 07/08/2020
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This article is going to provide you with a list of car brands that start with the letter A and further discuss some of the most popular ones. Read on to discover.

Let’s continue with the series of articles on the car brands that start with letters. The letter for today is S. The car brands that start with S include Subaru, Saab, Suzuki, Saturn, Scion, Skoda, Smart, SEAT, Saleen, Studebaker and SsangYong, etc. Read on for some additional information on some of the most popular ones in the above.


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  • Foundation Year: 1953

  • Founder: Kenji Kita

  • Parent Company: Fuji Heavy Industries

  • Headquarters: Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan

  • Slogan: Confidence in Motion

  • Official Website:

The first brand that start with S is Subaru. Subaru is an auto manufacturing division of Japanese transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), which is the 22nd largest carmaker by production in the world by 2012. In the Western markets, Subaru brand has created a certain amount of prestige among the customers.

subaru logo

In Japanese, Subaru means "united". This spirit is also reflected in the car logo. The Subaru logo consists of six stars elegantly arranged on a dark blue background, which represents the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus. While the big star on the left signifies FHI, the five smaller stars on the right represent its subsidiaries including Subaru. The dark blue background stands for space or night sky. The blue colour signifies reliability and excellence of Subaru cars while the black colours and silver represent elegance, perfection, creativity and sophistication.


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  • Foundation Year: 1909

  • Founder: Michio Suzuki

  • Headquarters: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan

  • Official Website:

The next car brand that starts with S is Suzuki Motor Corporation, which is named after the surname of the founder. The Suzuki Motor Corporation is a manufacturing company in Japan which manufactures a wide variety of small automobiles, motorbikes, outboard motors as well as numerous small combustion-powered motor and products. In India, Maruti Suzuki India Limited is an over-56% owned subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation. This is possibly the reason why the emblem of Maruti Suzuki only features the letter S. Maruti Suzuki is the largest automaker in the Indian auto market.

suzuki logo

The Suzuki logo consists of a stylized letter “S” in red colour which is also the initial of the company name above the full name ‘Suzuki’ in capital letters. Introduced in 1954, the logo has still been as it was originally and has proved to be the ideal example of a clean, simple and consistent but visually appealing and elegant insignia. It is often regarded as one of the most recognized and memorable logos in the auto industry. The red colour represents tradition, integrity and passion while the blue colour signifies grandeur and excellence. The emblem on the vehicles is all silver.


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  • Foundation Year: 1954

  • Parent: Mahindra & Mahindra (70%)

  • Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

  • Official Website:

SsangYong Motor Company is the fourth-largest carmaker in South Korea. It is the subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra, a multinational auto company in India. The company now sells a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, SUVs and recreational vehicles. The products of the South Korean automaker include Actyon and Rexton SUVs, Chairman sedan and Stavic people mover.

ssangyong logo

SsangYong logo is simple and influential. SsangYong means “Twin Dragon”. The Ssangyong log consists of two stylized intertwined dragons rising to the heaven. High-performance cars from Ssangyong have proved that the South Korean automaker never lets the customers down. It continues to establish prestige not only in Asia but also other continents. Ssangyong is also very popular in Australia and sponsors boating competitions, football league, dirt bike world and carting.


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Above is a list of car brands that start with S and further discussion on some of the most popular ones. Do you know any other car brands that also start with the letter S? Do not hesitate to write to us to share your ideas.

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