Tata Nano Takes On Mahindra Thar In An Off-Road Challenge

by Kshitij Rawat | 22/06/2020
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Here, we have a video of a Tata Nano and a Mahindra Thar involved in some off-roading shenanigans.

Off-roading is perhaps the most common hobby for Indian motoring enthusiasts. People love to take their SUVs out and explore the beaten path. Some people, however, don’t even need an SUV. Here, we have a video in which a few young men indulge in some off-road action in a Mahindra Thar, Hyundai Santa Fe, and one unlikely contender – a Tata Nano!

Tata Nano can do it | Most cars couldn't | Tata Nano Off Road | Dr. Mahan Singh

The video above has been posted by Dr. Mahan Singh on his YouTube channel. In it, we can see some young men playing around in muddy fields, stripped down to their underwear. A Mahindra Thar is being driven around the field, perhaps with the intention to drift. In this, the driver succeeds in the end, managing to kick a tail out. After that, we see a Tata Nano try to do the same. Just like the Thar, the Nano is a rear-wheel-drive car. It also has another advantage with its rear-mounted engine, but that engine itself is too light to affect weight distribution in a significant manner.

Tata Nano off-road

In a move that can clearly be seen as extremely dangerous, the driver of the Nano has his door opened and is leaning out of the car in an effort to powerslide the car. His effort was successful, but we do not recommend any of our readers to try it for themselves. There are plenty of ways this could have gone wrong. His hand could have slipped due to the mud, or the car might bump into a small rock and throw him down, or he could have hit a bigger bump and tipped the car over, or the door might swing and disbalance him, or something else. When having fun, always ensure your safety first.


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In the background, we also see a Hyundai Santa Fe. The driver of that car isn’t being as brash as the other two, rather being quite careful with his car. He can be seen driving on the dry part of the field slowly and carefully, staying clear off the slush. Perhaps he doesn’t want his car to get dirty, but still wanted to have a little fun!

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