This Modified Maruti 800 EV Makes More Torque Than Toyota Innova

by Jatin Chhibber | 23/08/2020
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Here’s a highly modified Maruti 800, which derives power from an electric motor and comes loaded with Tesla-like features.

Almost every car enthusiast in India knows about Maruti 800. It is the car which completely changed the Indian automobile industry and it has dominated the market for a few years. The carmaker discontinued the hatchback in India a few years back because of several reasons, but there are still a few enthusiasts around the country who still own the car and have customized it as per their preference. Here is a Maruti 800 that has been converted into a sophisticated electric car.


Maruti 800 Modified To Become An Off-Road-Ready SUV

The modification job has been done by Hemank Dabhade of Northway Motorsport. This customization has been done after the successful conversion of the Chevrolet Beat and Honda Activa into electric vehicles. There are a few alterations made in the car to make it all-electric, but apart from that one of the biggest highlight in this car is the employment of Tesla-like screen, which can control the car and even select the driving modes.

It features a small infotainment system with modified software that has been put into it via Rasberry Pi. This screen can be used for various functions like checking the battery charge, remaining kilometres, motor temperature and temperature control. It is also used to put the car in various drive modes like Drive, Reverse and Neutral. It features Hill Hold Assist, which works in both incline and decline.

It’s quite surprising to see an entry-level car to get all these features. This electric Maruti 800 derives power from 16 battery cells that make a total of 13.2 KW in a 48 V system. The hatchback can charge from 0 to 100 per cent within 4-4.5 hours. It gets a 19 KW electric motor and is controlled via a Curtis SE controller.

It puts out maximum torque output of 70 Nm for a few seconds. It produces a constant torque output of 54 Nm. It gets a 7:1 stepdown transmission that ensures that the wheels get a massive 378 Nm of torque, which is even more than the 360 Nm developed by the 2.4-litre turbodiesel diesel engine of the Toyota Innova Crysta. It offers a range of 120 km in one full charge and can touch a top speed of 80-85 kmph.

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