What Are The Most Expensive Cars In Bollywood?

by IndianAuto Team | 19/10/2018
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Bollywood celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles and an uncanny affinity for some of the finest things on Earth. A luxury garage full of the most exotic cars is just one of the many expensive hobbies they have.

We all know Bollywood celebrities live the life of kings and queens, and in a world where one’s image is pretty much everything, there are few better ways to display your success and class than to drive the cars that common people can only have in their dreams. While normal people are looking for a cheap vehicle and the overall price of cars on the market is going down, these celebrities flash their four-wheelers from Rolls-Royce to Bugatti.

1. Shahrukh Khan

Nobody is strange to Shahrukh Khan’s collection of extravagant supercars. If you are, what rock have you been living under? All jokes aside, Shahrukh Khan’s garage is no joke. He owns a galore of luxurious cars, some of which are BMW Convertible, Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Continental GT, Mitsubishi Pajero, Land Cruiser, BMW 6 series, BMW i8, Audi Q6, and BMW 7 Series. It is reported that Shahrukh Khan is also a proud owner of the most expensive car in Bollywood till date: a Bugatti Veyron that costs a whopping 12 crores. While we are all letting that mammoth amount of money sink in, let us tell you that the rumour has been debunked by the king himself. In a recent Instagram Q&A session, when asked “Do you really have a Bugatti Veyron?”, Shahrukh Khan simply replied “No”. No one knows where that rumour comes from, and it is now confirmed that he has no 12-crore Bugatti in his house. However, his garage is still one of the most impressive you can find in all Bollywood.

Shahrukh Khan standing next to his white hybrid BMW i8

He owns a wide range of luxurious cars, one of which is a hybrid BMW i8

2. Aamir Khan

The fact that Aamir Khan has an aam aadmi’s Toyota Fortuner does not mean that he does not have luxurious supercars. In fact, his garage is a collection that ranges from a “humble” 10-lakh Ford EcoSport and a 30-lakh Toyota Fortuner to a Bentley Flying Spur and a freaking 10-crore Mercedes-Benz S600 (like what!?!). What makes the price of this Mercedes-Benz S600 high to the sky is its customization. When we commoners think about customisation, we would think of Apple CarPlay, a speaker system, or different colours of leather seats, but well, Aamir Khan lives like a king, so his customisation is to make the car bullet-proof and bomb-proof. Aamir Khan actually got this car after he received death threat while doing a program, and his Mercedes-Benz S600 remains the only bullet-proof car that is known in Bollywood till this day.

Aamir Khan driving his customised Mercedes-Benz S600

Aamir Khan’s Mercedes-Benz S600 is the only known bullet-proof car in Bollywood today

3. Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan never holds back when it comes to showing his fortune and grandeur. If he has the money to splurge on a jet plane, there is no reason for him to keep himself from investing in his exotic garage of cars. In fact, his garage is the biggest in Bollywood with the number of cars reaching 25 and still counting. Some luxury cars living in his garage include a Bentley Continental GT, a Mercedes SL500, a Range Rover, a Lexus LX470, a Mercedes E 240, a BMW X5, a BMW 7 Series, and a Mercedes S320. Another thing that is worth noting is that the most affordable vehicle in his collection is a MINI Cooper, and by affordable, we mean 30 lakhs :) (Yes, he lives in a different planet from ours) The most expensive car in Amitabh Bachchan’s collection is a Rolls-Royce Phantom that he got in 2013. Actually, the car was given to him as a gift to thank for his outstanding performance in “Eklavya” by director Vidhu Vinod Chopra, and it was a 3.5-crore thank-you gift.

Amitabh Bachchan and his rolls royce phantom

The most expensive car in Amitabh Bachchan’s collection is a 3.5-crore  Rolls-Royce Phantom that he was given in 2013 as a thank-you gift

4. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is the first actress in Bollywood to own a car from this luxury make. She has customised her Rolls-Royce Ghost, reportedly adding a fantastic music system and a huge storage capacity in the car. This multi-crore vehicle is powered by a 6.6L twin turbo v12 engine that cranks out 563 horsepower, with an 8-speed transmission system. It can accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds from a standstill position.

Even though Chopra spends most of the time in the U.S. nowadays, her Rolls-Royce is always ready for her whenever she is in Mumbai. She has also been seen travelling to high-profile events in the luxury car.

Priyanka Chopra wearing sari standing next to her Rolls-Royce

Priyanka Chopra arrived at an award show in Mumbai in her Rolls-Royce

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