Maruti XL6 Vs Toyota Innova Crysta - Design, Specifications And Prices Comparison

by Mohammed Burman | 30/08/2019
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Read our Maruti XL6 Vs Toyota Innova Crysta comparison to compare the two MPVs on aspects like specifications, design, interior features and prices

The Maruti XL6 was launched in India on August 21 to help the Indian largest automaker penetrate into the potential MPV segment. Although the vehicle shares the same lightweight fifth-generation intuitive and flexible Heartech platform with the Maruti Ertiga, the new XL6 sports a more stylish and sportier appearance than its donor vehicle, numerous changes in the cabin and a petrol engine. The vehicle has been sold at Nexa premium dealerships.

The Toyota Innova Crysta, which has remained to be the best-selling MPV in India, has received its update in April 2019 with a view to increase its competitiveness in the segment and protect its leading position. The updates include more premium features inside out. However, mechanical specifications remain unchanged. The Maruti XL6 has the great potentialities to become a formidable competitor of the Toyota Innova Crysta. Which one would you choose if you are considering buying an MPV? This detailed Maruti XL6 vs Toyota Innova Crysta comparison will help you make a better decision.

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Maruti XL6 vs Toyota Innova Crysta - Design Comparison


Both of the two vehicles get numerous updates in terms of the exterior design. While the XL6 looks more rugged than its donor model, the Innova Crysta gets a more premium appeal with a bolder and more masculine stance than its outgoing version.


For the Maruti XL6, the front is what sets it apart the most from the Ertiga. The bonnet line has been raised to make the nose more upright; the bolder new trapezoidal grille has been decorated with some chrome component. The LED foglamps which get chunky cladding and a scuff plate give the vehicle an SUV-ish face. The full LED headlamps are also unique and new equipment of the XL6, which helps the driver have better visibility at night. Moreover, heavier and thicker bumpers are also equipped in both the front and rear of the MPV.

On the other hand, the Crysta features an outstanding hexagonal grille which sports two large chrome stripes which extend to the projector headlights. The vehicle is also packed with LED pilot lamps and smoked-out headlights which are interestingly designed. A large portion of the front is taken up by the large bumper. The grille gets a polishing black colour in the lower half.

maruti xl6 vs toyota innova crysta front

The two MPVs have received considerable updates in the front.

Side profile

The extensive cladding which runs along the sides of the vehicle makes the Maruti XL6 become look more masculine and rugged. Nevertheless, this creates a clear visual mismatch with the small wheels which measure only 15 inches. Roof rails, a scuff plate in the rear and a two-tone tailgate are also exclusive equipment on the XL6.

Unlike the front, the side profile of the Toyota Innova Crysta has been kept to be as simple as possible. However, there are still some new features such as the large 17-inch wheels which are bigger than those on the XL6, a few chrome components on the outside rearview mirror and door handles, which adds to the premium appearance of the vehicle.

maruti xl6 vs toyota innova crysta side profile

While the side profile of the Maruti XL6 is quite unproportional, that of the Toyota Innova Crysta has been kept to be as simple as possible.

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The Maruti XL6 have borrowed the taillights with the LED light guides from the Ertiga. The wider bumper gets a silver skid plate; a larger spoiler is be integrated with the roof, which makes the vehicle look tougher. An XL6 logo and a Nexa sticker is also be added to the rear.

In the meanwhile, the rear of the Innova Crysta features triangular taillights, which add to the aggressive appearance. The rear is almost slab-sided with a large glass taking up a large portion. Some minor elements such as the shark fin antenna and the spoiler also make the rear more interesting.

maruti xl6 vs toyota innova crysta rear

Like the front, the rear of the two vehicles also witnesses some new features.

Since the exterior design is a matter of personal preference, no conclusion or recommendation would be given here. Hence, there is no clear winner of this part of our Maruti XL6 Vs Toyota Innova Crysta comparison. 


Seat layout

The Maruti XL6 gets an all-black colour theme with leather seat coverings. As the name suggests, it is a 6-seater MPV and particularly, the captain second seat row with two seats replace bench seat row in the Maruti Ertiga, which means that it comes with a 2+2+2 seating configuration.

The second seat row can offer better comfort and privacy for two passengers and can accommodate people with larger frames. The entry to the XL6’s second seat row is easy and it can also be slid back to make the entrance into and exit out of the car easier. Nevertheless, tall occupants will feel a little bit restricted in terms of thigh support. This seat row can also be reclined; however, the position of the armrest cannot be adjusted, which is a little bit discomforting if you want to sit back and have a rest.

The backspace is a plus point of the XL6 with an amber knee room, adequate headroom and adjustable backrest. Particularly, the rear and the second seat row can also be removed for larger boot space.

2019 maruti xl6 interior seat layout

The Maruti XL6 comes with a 2:2:2 seating configuration.

For the Toyota Innova Crysta, on the other hand, gets a 7-seat layout with three seat rows, among which the front seat row is what need to be paid the most attention to with the utmost comfort, thanks to the support cushioning and support which are among the best in the segment. The driver seat can be electrically adjusted according to a wide range of height and reach levels.

The third seat row, which is the most suitable for kids, can easily accommodate three passengers. However, throughout long journeys, you should avoid sitting in a “knee-up” position because this can make you feel uncomfortable.

2019 toyota innova crysta interior seating layout

Unlike the XL6, the Innova Crysta gets a 7-seat layout with the utmost convenience for the front seat row.

Interior features

The Maruti XL6 is packed with a wide range of top-notch features including a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system which can support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Suzuki Connect can also be installed as an optional accessory which has the e-SIM-based connected technologies such as real-time driving warning and geofencing. Other outstanding interior features of the XL6 consist of a leather-wrapped steering wheel, automatic climate control, etc.

The XL6 is also a highly practical vehicle with numerous storage spaces inside the cabin. Cup holders which have tiny air conditioner vents which are of great use to keep the drinks cool during hot summer days. Large door pockets are also useful to store bottles and other things. The sliding armrest in the front also accommodates a little storage space.

2019 maruti xl6 interior dashboard

The Maruti XL6 is a quite well-equipped MPV with a wide range of top-notch features.

As regards the Toyota Innova Crysta, a large portion of the centre console is taken up by a large touchscreen infotainment system which measurer up to 9 inches as it has doubled in size to accommodate the screen for the reverse camera and the navigation and is larger than that on the XL6 by 2 inches

The steering wheel of the vehicle is also wrapped with leather, which makes it easy to hold. The instrument cluster also accommodates speedometer and tachometer, which provides important information regarding the car. The automatic climate control is provided for even the rear seat passengers. Great practicality is also a strong point of the Innova Crysta with many cubby holes scattered around the front half of the cabin to store the passengers’ small things. Drop-down foldable trays are also mounted to the front seats which can be utilized to store refreshments and laptops. Of course, the Crysta is the winner of this part of our Maruti XL6 Vs Toyota Innova Crysta comparison but let's not forget that it's a much costlier product.

2019 toyota innova crysta interior dashboard

In comparison with the XL6, the Innova Crysta gets a more modern cabin.

Safety features

Both the vehicles can ensure both the driver and the passengers a safe journey with a wide range of safety features. There is also a wide distinction between the lower variants and the higher ones in terms of the safety equipment on the two MPVs. The Maruti XL6 offers dual airbags, ABS with EBD, reverse parking sensors and ISOFIX child seat mounts for the second seat row as standard features across all the variants. The automatic version also provides dynamic stability control and hill holder.

In the meanwhile, the Toyota Innova Crysta comes with a more generous safety equipment list which includes three airbags, three-point seatbelts for all passengers, ABS with EBD, and BA which are standard features. On the higher-spec variants, the safety equipment includes seven airbags, ESP and hill hold control.Here, we would like to give the Toyota Innova Crysta a thumb up since it is loaded with a wider range of high-quality interior features as well as safety equipment, which can ensure a more convenient and safer journey for the occupants.

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Maruti XL6 vs Toyota Innova Crysta - Specifications


All the dimensions of the Maruti XL6 are surpassed by those of the Toyota Innova Crysta. The largest difference appears to the kerb weight with the Innova Crysta weighing more than its rival by 620 kg which can be attributed to the lightweight HEARTECH platform which underpins the Maruti XL6.


Maruti XL6

Toyota Innova Crysta



 4,445 mm

 4,735 mm

 - 290 mm


 1,775 mm

 1,830 mm

 - 55 mm


 1,700 mm

 1,795 mm

 - 95 mm


 2,740 mm

 2,750 mm

 - 10 mm

 Kerb weight

 1,190 kg

 1,810 kg

 - 620 kg

Engine and transmission

While the Maruti XL6 is available with only a petrol motor, the Toyota Innova Crysta is offered with both petrol and diesel motors. Therefore, we would like to compare only the engine and transmission between the two petrol versions of the two vehicles and provide the information on the diesel version of the latter for those who are interested.


Maruti XL6

Toyota Innova Crysta

 Engine Type

 1.5-litre K15 Smart Hybrid petrol

 2.7-litre petrol


 105 PS

 166 PS


 138 Nm

 245 Nm


  5-speed MT & 4-speed torque converter

 5-speed MT/6-speed AT

 ARAI-certified Fuel Mileage

 19.01 kmpl/17.99 kmpl

 11,25 kmpl/10.75 kmpl

While the Maruti XL6 loses in competition with its competitor in terms of the power/torque figure, it far exceeds the Crysta as regards the fuel mileage, partially thanks to former’s lightweight platform. Both of the vehicles come with a manual and automatic transmission options.

2019 maruti xl6 blue front angle in action

While being exceeded in terms of power/torque figures, the Maruti XL6 far exceeds its competitor as regards the fuel mileage.

The diesel version of the Toyota Innova Crysta is powered by two oil burners. The first one is a 2.4-litre 2GD FTV engine which can generate 150 PS against 343 Nm and is coupled with only a 5-speed MT unit. The Crysta also receives its power from a more powerful 2.4-litre 2GD which is good for 174 PS against 360 Nm and is mated to only a 6-speed AT unit. The fuel mileage figures of the two oil burners are 13.68 kmpl and 11.36 kmpl, respectively. There's no denying that the Crysta is the winner of this part of our Maruti XL6 Vs Toyota Innova Crysta comparison.

 Toyota Innova Crysta diesel engine types

Max Power 

Peak Torque 



 2.4-litre 2GD FTV

 150 PS

 343 Nm

 5-speed MT

 13.68 kmpl

 2.8-litre 1GD-FTV

 174 PS

 360 Nm

 6-speed AT

 11.36 kmpl

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Maruti XL6 vs Toyota Innova Crysta - Prices

Due to the inequality between the motor options of the two vehicles as mentioned above, we would like to compare only the prices of the petrol versions of the two vehicles. While the XL6 is priced in a range of INR 9.79 lakh to INR 11.46 lakh, the Toyota Innova Crysta petrol version’s prices range from INR 14.93 lakh to INR 21.71 lakh. However, with the more premium interior features and more powerful gasoline burner, the Innova Crysta is a good value of money. The diesel version of the Toyota Innova Crysta gets a price range from INR 15.67 lakh to INR 23.47 lakh. All prices are ex-showroom


 Maruti XL6

 Toyota Innova Crysta petrol

  Toyota Innova Crysta diesel


  INR 9.79 - 11.46 lakh

 INR 14.93 - 21.71 lakh

 INR 15.67 - 23.47 lakh

Above is a detailed Maruti XL6 vs Toyota Innova Crysta comparison. If you are looking for a rugged MPV with a fully-equipped cabin, decent fuel efficiency and are on a tight budget, the Maruti XL6 is the more suitable option. On the other hand, if you prefer a muscular-looking MPV with a modern cabin, a powerful performance and are on a generous budget, the Toyota Innova Crysta is the perfect choice for you.

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