2018 Mahindra Alturas G4 Vs. Rivals: Detailed Comparison

by Mohammed Burman | 23/11/2018
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The Mahindra Alturas G4 is projected to be launched in India tomorrow, rivalling the Ford Endeavour and the Toyota Fortuner.

Mahindra Alturas, when launched in India, is expected to substitute the old SsangYong Rexton and become the Indian domestic automaker’s flagship product in the country. However, the Indian teeming SUV segment has some fierce rivals which are always ready to take on the likes with the new Alturas: Toyota Fortuner still stably keeps the leading position in the segment; the Ford Endeavour is powered by two powerful engines and an impressive feature list. Let’s look at the detailed comparison between the upcoming Mahindra SUV and two of its competitors to discover what are the advantages of the Alturas over its rivals, which would help you have a wiser decision as to whether to buy it or not.

Alturas vs. Fortuner vs, Endeavour

A comparison between the Alturas with its rivals will help us decide more wisely on buying the vehicle

1. Mahindra Alturas vs. Ford Endeavour vs. Toyota Fortuner Dimensions Comparison

Since all of the four vehicles are SUVs, they have a big size. The Toyota Fortuner is the smallest in terms of dimensions in the three vehicles. The wheelbase of the Alturas will be the longest and its width will be the greatest. In terms of length, the Ford Endeavour holds the first position with a 4,892mm length and shares with Toyota Fortuner the higher ground clearance than the Alturas, at 225mm.

Overall, although the Alturas will not offer much greater dimensions than its competitors, a long wheelbase and a great width will help it ensure a spacious cabin.

 Dimensions Mahindra Alturas  Toyota Fortuner   Ford Endeavour 
 Length  4,850mm  4,892mm   4,795mm
 Width  1,960mm  1,855mm  1,860mm
 Height  1,825mm  1,835mm  1,837mm
 Wheelbase  2,865mm  2,745mm  2,850mm
 Ground Clearance  180mm  225mm  225mm

2. Mahindra Alturas vs. Ford Endeavour vs. Toyota Fortuner Equipment Comparison

Mahindra Alturas exterior and interior

The Mahindra Alturas will have a more impressive list of equipment than its rivals 

All of the SUVs have an impressive list of equipment both inside and outside. Common features among the four vehicles consist of

  • LED DRLs

  • Powered driving seat

  • Leather-wrapped seats

  • Start and hill-hold assist

  • Multiple airbags

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

  • Electronic brakeforce limitation (EBL)

The most outstanding differences lie in the infotainment area. The forthcoming Alturas will come with the largest 9.2-inch HD touchscreen which supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, while the Endeavour gets an 8.0-inch unit and the Fortuner with a 7.0-inch one. An expected feature of the Alturas which is over the other four vehicles is the electronic parking brake. While Alturas will be equipped with a sunroof, the Endeavour sports a panoramic one, but this feature is absent in the Toyota Fortuner

Equipment   Mahindra Alturas Toyota Fortuner  Ford Endeavour 
 LED DRLs   Yes  Yes   Yes 
 Powered driving seat  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Leather-wrapped seats  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Start and hill-hold assist  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Multiple airbags  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Anti-lock braking system (ABS)  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Electronic brakeforce limitation (EBL)  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Touchscreen infotainment system  9.2-inch display  7-inch display    8-inch display
 Electronic parking brake  Yes  No   No 
 Sunroof  Yes  No  Panoramic

The Alturas deserves to be more highly evaluated in terms of equipment in comparison with the other three vehicles, thanks to its largest touchscreen infotainment system and some other cutting-edge features.

3. Mahindra Alturas vs. Ford Endeavour vs. Toyota Fortuner Mechanical Specifications

Overall, the new Alturas SUV will offer only the diesel engine whereas the other two vehicles are available with multiple motor options.

Despite the smaller size of the engine, the Alturas can produce 183bhp, 6phb more than the Fortuner. The Alturas can generate a peak torque of 420Nm, which is similar to that of the MT Fortuner, but 30Nm less than the AT Fortuner. However, an advantage of the Fortuner over the Alturas is that it also has a 2.7L petrol motor choice, which can churn out 166bhp against 145Nm. While transmission duties of the Fortuner are undertaken by a 6-speed MT and AT transmission, those of the Alturas will be implemented by a Mercedes-sourced 7-speed AT only.

The Endeavour has two engine options: 2.2 L and 3.2L diesel engine. Despite the lack of the petrol motor, it allows buyers to choose between a high power and a high fuel mileage. Like the Alturas, the engines of the Ford Endeavour are mated to a 7-speed AT unit. In comparison with this SUV in terms of performance, the max power of Alturas is 25phb higher than that of the Endeavour 2.2L engine, but 12bhb lower than that of the Endeavour 3.2L engine. Likewise, the peak torque is 35Nm more than that of the Endeavour 2.2L motor, but 50Nm less than that of the Endeavour 3.2L motor.

Despite being powered by a smaller engine than its rivals, the Alturas will be not much behind its rivals in terms of performance.

Specifications  Mahindra Alturas  Toyota Fortuner  Ford Endeavour 
 Engine Type  2.2L turbo-diesel  2.8L turbocharged diesel/2.7L petrol  2.2L/ 3.2L, 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel
 Max. Power  183bhp  177bhp/166bhp   158bhp/195bhp 
 Max Torque  420Nm   420Nm (MT), 450Nm (AT)/245Nm   385Nm/470Nm 
 Gearbox  7-speed AT   6-speed MT, 6-speed AT  7-speed AT 

4. Mahindra Alturas vs. Ford Endeavour vs. Toyota Fortuner Mileage Comparison

The Mahindra Alturas, despite receiving power from a smaller motor, will be the most fuel-efficient SUV with an impressive mileage of 15.50kmpl. On the other hand, the Toytota Fortuner has a mileage range from 10.01kmpl for the petrol MT variant to 14.24kmpl for the diesel MT one; the minimum and maximum mileages of Ford Endeavor are 12.62kmpl and 10.91kmpl, respectively.

It is obvious that the Alturas deserves the winning position in the mileage competition.

Model   Mahindra Alturas   Toyota Fortuner  Ford Endeavour 
 ARAI Mileage  15.50kmpl

14.24 kmpl (diesel MT)

12.90 kmpl (diesel AT)

10.01 kmpl (petrol MT)

10.26 kmpl (petrol AT)

12.62 kmpl (2.2-litre)

10.91 kmpl (3.2-litre)


5. Mahindra Alturas vs. Ford Endeavour vs. Toyota Fortuner Price Comparison

The Ford Endeavour and the Toyota Fortuner are the two most expensive in the three vehicles. These two vehicles are equipped with an impressive list of features, powerful engines and have excellent off-road capabilities. They are priced at Rs 32.81 lakh and Rs 32.97 lakh, respectively. In the meantime, the Mahindra Alturas is expected to have a competitive price range of Rs 25 lakh to Rs 27 lakh.

 Model   Mahindra Alturas   Toyota Fortuner  Ford Endeavour  
 Prices (Ex-showroom, Delhi)  Rs 25-27 lakh (expected)  Rs 32.97 lakh  Rs 32.81 lakh

The Alturas, with this aggressive price range and the impressive list of features on offer, it is expected to be a great value of money and can effectively rival the other two cars.

As can be seen in the detailed comparison above, overall, the Mahindra Alturas has greater dimensions, a more impressive mileage, a more powerful engine, a more thorough list of features and a more competitive price in comparison with its rivals. Therefore, it has a great opportunity to share the market with the two most well-known SUVs in the Indian auto market and become another popular SUV with the Indian auto buyers.

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