2021 Tesla Model Y Receives 5-Star Rating At NHTSA Crash Test

by Vivaan Khatri | 19/01/2021
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Tesla Model Y is currently the cheapest SUV in Tesla's portfolio. It has recently received a full star rating at the NHTSA Crash Test.

Tesla is slated to set its foot on the Indian market. In the meanwhile, Tesla also received good news from one of its EVs. Model Y, the most affordable Tesla SUV in its global line-up, scored five stars at the NHTSA crash test (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Even more impressive, the Tesla Model Y is also the SUV with the lowest risk of rollover in the history of the NHTSA crash test.


For those not in the know. NHTSA operates as an agency of the US federal government and belongs to the Department of Transportation. NHTSA has played in critical roles in promoting and pushing the safety level of vehicles forwards. This agency has started the NCAP crash test back in 1979. During an NHTSA crash test, the vehicle will undergo different parts including frontal crash, side crash and rollover test.


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The success of the Tesla Y in this safety test is attributed to its well-built architecture which also underpins another five-star rating Tesla car, the Tesla Model 3. On the Model Y, this advanced architecture has been designed to direct the crash forces across the cabin, hence, lowering the risk for car occupants. Moreover, the impact of the car crash is reduced effectively thanks to the crumple zones equipped at both the front and rear.


Tesla Model Y reeceived the highest scores at the NHTSA crash test

The high rollover risk is a relatively common issue among SUVs. However, according to the crash test report, the Tesla Model Y also registered a very low roll-over risk of only 7.9 per cent, which is also the lowest of all SUV tested by NHTSA by far. Such low roll-over risk can be attributed to the location of heavy electric motors and battery packs closer to the ground, hence bringing the centre of gravity down.


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In addition to all the structure attributes, the Tesla Model Y is also equipped with advanced safety techs like emergency braking, lane departure warning and forward collision warning

It is reported earlier that the American electric car brand has registered its office in Bengaluru. As per the reports, Tesla Model 3 is expected to the first Tesla car to debut in India. Given the current rise in popularity of the SUVs in our market, Tesla might consider launching the Model Y at a later stage.

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