Aston Martin’s Upcoming Mid-Engined Hypercar To Be Named Valhalla

by Mohammed Burman | 19/06/2019
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Aston Martin’s Next Mid-Engined Hypercar, which is reported to appear with Daniel Craig in the forthcoming James Bond film, will be named Valhalla

Earlier, Aston Martin revealed their project which was called "project AM-RB 003." Now, this project, actually its next mid-engined hypercar, has been confirmed to be called Valhalla. This vehicle, the second mid-engined cars to be developed under Aston and Red Bull Racing Formula 1 after the Valhalla, will be featured in the next James Bond film with Daniel Craig. We can draw out a principle in the name of Aston Martin’s sports cars: to start with the letter V, with the first one being the Aston Martin Valkyrie.

Surprisingly, both of the names of the two first mid-engine vehicles developed by Aston Martin have something to do with Norse mythology. To be more specific, in Norse belief, Valhalla is the massive heavenly hall in which Viking warriors who die in combat were brought to by female Valkyries to drink and merry until they are summoned to fight again during Ragnarok.

aston martin valhalla silver side profile angle

The Valhalla name comes from a heavenly hall in Norse mythology.

According to the previous release, the Valhalla will be built using lightweight materials and construction along with advanced aerodynamics which are borrowed from the Valkyrie. The Valhalla will not be an extreme sportscar with a super speed but instead, it will be just a moderate speedster which focuses more on the space and legroom. Instead of being powered by the V12 hybrid engine like the Valkyrie, its elder sister, the vehicle will get a V6 unit. The vehicle will be completely made from carbon fibre, from the chassis to the body. The most special feature of the vehicle is a practical small mobile phone holder in the centre of the dashboard which has taken the place of an infotainment system. This holder serves the entertainment purpose well because most of the music we listen to in cars nowadays comes from our mobile phones which are paired with the car.

aston martin valhalla interior dashboard

The infotainment system in the vehicle has given way to a mobile phone holder.

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The British auto manufacturer said that only 500 units of the Aston Martin Valhalla will be manufactured, each of which will cost 1.9 million USD (around INR 13.2 crore). Apart from the Valhalla, Craig is reported to drive two other Aston Martin cars. A V8 Vintage Series II was spotted with James Bond film set in Norway, so it will certainly be one of the three cars which will appear in the new James Bond film. The third car has yet to be revealed but the Valkyrie seems a little bit too much for such a film so we can expect another car which also comes from the same automaker to be more appropriate for the film.

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