Citroen To Introduce La Maison Dealership Concept To India

by Vivaan Khatri | 22/05/2019
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Citroen is set to start offering their models in India. Along with the launch of the first vehicle, Citroen will also establish their La Maison showrooms.

Along with launching its models in the local car market, Citroen will also introduce their ‘La Maison Citroen’ outlet here. Back in 2017, Citroen revealed for the first time their showroom concept named La Maison Citroen in France. Believing that the buyer’s priority is to really experience the vehicle, Citroen decided the shift the focus from putting up impressive buildings with state-of-art design towards smaller showrooms but with a better service experience. La Maison was born out of this idea. At the moment, there are 17 outlets of this type around the world. The company will set up its premium dealership network in India for the local retail of its vehicles. 

la maison citroen showroom

At the moment, Citroen has built 17 La Maison showrooms across the globe

The current trend in automobile showroom design is big multi-storied building with airy and over-brightened space. In contrast to this dominant fashion, La Maison, which means “home” in French, will offer a cosy and pleasing vibe expressed through the warm tone and intensive use of wood material alongside bright highlights. To enhance customer’s experience, La Maison offers a highly interactive virtual system that allows customers to configure their car at home and then, the configuration will be processed at the showroom. It is Citroen’s intention to put the customer experience, supported by new technology and advanced aids, on the centre stage.

la maison citroen paris

La Maison showrooms will focus on delivering excellent customer experiences

Within the small space of the La Maison showrooms, there will be enough space for a small café, tech wall and lounge for discussion. Citroen also shows high confidence in their chain of La Maison showrooms. Joel Verany, Citroen India's Vice President Distribution Strategy and Network Development, states, “Data from all these 17 showrooms consistently shows higher customer satisfaction scores than the levels in our older style, larger showrooms.”

On the bright side, a cosy outlet would offer a favourable space for communication, hence, boosting business plan. It also saves a great amount for real estate costs, especially in big cities. On the other hand, running small-size showrooms could be a double-edged sword for the French manufacturer in India market. Larger showrooms would be a highly recommended way to build up the trust and develop brand recognization.

At the time of inauguration, La Maison in India will only showcase two first vehicles launched by Citroen in India. The first vehicle, the C5, will be launched next year. Citroen also plans to introduce 4 models by 2023 for Indian market.

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