Honda can Quickly Supply EVs to India If the Market Demand is Enough

by Mohammed Burman | 18/09/2018
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Japanese carmaker Honda can easily provide India with electric vehicles if there is sufficient demand; however, future mobility requires the use of advanced technologies.

In order to diminish the reliance on oil imports and pollution, the Indian government has encouraged the use of electric vehicles as well as methanol, ethanol fuels and biofuels.

The car industry has also demanded that hybrid vehicles should be used as a means for the Indian to shift from interior combustion engine to totally electric vehicles.

Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL) Senior VP and Director (Sales and Marketing) Rajesh Goel said:

“As far as EVs are concerned, for some reason, the impression is that we do not support such technology. It is wrong. We have EV technology and we can bring it very quickly here.”

Honda is considering a strategy for electric vehicles and is ready to introduce them into the Indian auto market when there is sufficient demand.

Honda Brio silver colour front

Honda is ready to launch EVs into Indian market when there is enough demand

He also emphasized that since Honda has had experience in EVs across the world, launching EVs in India is not a matter but it is the market demand that determines whether it can happen or not.

Goel also added that Honda is intending to develop the sales network from smaller towns as high demands for EVs are expected to come from these regions.

Now, HCIL is under way for the identification of locations. Hope that it can soon find the most suitable places to broaden its business and contribute to the process of diminishing pollution in India. 

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