Hyundai To Pay Your Car EMI If You Loose Your Job

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 07/05/2020
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Dropping down the plans to buy a car due to the forecasted economic crisis? Hyundai has a solution for you. Know all about it here.

Hyundai has recently introduced the ‘Click to Buy’ platform in a bid to digitize the car buying process. This way, the manufacturer can attract bookings without having the customer to visit the dealerships. However, given the situation that country is facing right now, masses are scared about losing their employment. In response to the situation’s butterfly effect, car sales have seen a huge downfall. While the nationwide lockdown can be referred to as the reason for zero sales in April, the same cannot be said for the bookings of the car as buyers are scared to add an extra expense to their shrinking wallet. Therefore, Hyundai has announced the ‘Hyundai EMI Assurance’ program to bolster the buyer's confidence in getting a car home.

Hyundai Will Pay Your Car EMI If You Loose Your Job

Hyundai's EMI Assurance Program will cover the buyer for a duration fo one year from the date of purchase of the car.


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The carmaker’s EMI assurance program will help the buyers with the car's EMI (Estimated Monthly Installments) for 3 months if they are unable to pay them due to a financial crunch. This way, Hyundai will ease out the buying process, while keeping away the concern of employment scepticism.

“Hyundai is a Progressive, Innovative and Caring brand. We understand customer aspirations of buying a vehicle and to ease the vehicle acquisition in uncertain times, we have brought the unique and industry-first Hyundai EMI Assurance Program. We are sure, the Hyundai EMI Assurance Program will give new Hyundai owners working in private organizations full peace of mind during these times and create positive and confident sentiments for Hyundai car purchase.”

Mr. Tarun Garg, Director – Sales, Marketing and Servic

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The program will cover the customers under a lot of critical circumstances. The list includes the employment loss due to poor financial health of the organization that the buyer works at or if the organization is scheduled for an acquisition or a merger. The Hyundai Assurance Program is, however, offered on select Hyundai models. Also, it is applicable on the cars bought in the month of May, this year. The program will cover the customer for one complete year from date of sale, except for the first three months from the date of purchase.

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