Best Dash Cams For Your Car

by IndianAuto Team | 03/08/2020
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Dash cams are very useful accessories on cars. However, there are many models of them, which makes the decision difficult. Let's find the best dash cam in this article!

A dash cam (dashboard cam) on a car is an onboard camera which continuously records events in the view of its camera sensor. Depending on models, a dash cam can capture up to 360-degree view with Full HD videos. The application of dash cam in everyday life is very wide. For example, when there is an accident, a dash cam will provide the most reliable evidence, videos, to help police officers solve the case easier. Another example is when you park your car, a dash cam can capture videos of a detected vandalism and send to your phone via a mobile/wifi connection. If you wish to buy the best dash cam that is suitable for your needs, scroll down now!

dash cam on a car

Dash cam is a must-have accessory in some people's opinions.


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1. You just need first-hand evidence

The main reason drivers install dash cams on their car is to record proofs in case an accident happens. The camera, normally, starts to record as soon as you crank your car. And during your trip, your car is involved in a crash, which is others’ fault. It would lead to a long verbal fight or a time-consuming argument if the other people blame all the fault on you. However, you have your video evidence from your car dash cam! Take it and let the police officers watch the entire event and the problem will be solved.

DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera

The best dash cam for this purpose doesn’t need to be expensive with advanced features. It needs compact design and well-adaption to Indian climate. Among the cheapest dash cam, DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera proves itself to be the most worthy candidate to record unexpected events during your trip. Besides being affordable, compact, and durable, the camera also has the G-sensor which automatically detects collisions/shakes and saves them as event files. On top of that, the loop recording function on DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera overwrites the old footage with new footage when the memory card is full.

DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera

DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera has basic features.


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2. You can use dash cam to report undisciplined drivers

In order to make traffic safe for all Indian citizens, every individual taking part in the traffic must follow the rules. With the help dash cam, you can record bad driving behaviours, and report them with your reliable evidence. However, the bad drivers, drunken men, undisciplined traffic users, and vandals appear not only when you are driving, but also in the parking areas. Therefore, you need a dash cam which is able to record during parking with the option of 24 hours recording.

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro 1944P HD Camera

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro 1944P HD Camera can help you capture every moment of those irresponsible drivers and annoying road users, and give you visualized proofs to report them easily 24/24. Here’s the brief description of the useful dash cam:

  1. The cam has a very reasonable price.

  2. You can browse the gallery easily with its built-in screen.

  3. Besides the G-sensor and the ability to record while parking, the cam can record time-lapses.

  4. Night vision, Loop-cycle recording, HDMI output also worth mentioning

  5. The cam has an advanced alert system that notices drivers when they are about to hit other vehicles or go off lane.

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro 1944P HD Camera

Some reviewers say that you can record your trip with 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro 1944P HD Camera.

3. You need to keep an eye on your vehicle from faraway

If you lend your car to somebody and you want to know the exact locations he/she drives to, you need a GPS device to do that. Additionally, in case you also need to supervise your children from faraway when they ask to borrow your car, a GPS device is not enough. In this circumstance, a dash cam with GPS can help you not only know where your kids go, but also let you have some videos. Moreover, a dash cam is also recommended for taxi companies to track drivers, and to have evidence during crashes, which can cost the owner a fortune. Note that, if you are living in areas where car thefts are active, it is highly recommended to have a GPS device for easy track down.

Procus Convoy

Procus Convoy is the best candidate for such cases because:

  1. GPS enabled to help you locate.

  2. The twin channels help record on the road and inside.

  3. Gyro sensor assists video stabilization.

  4. Wide Dynamic Range technology that helps greatly increase video quality.

  5. Loop recording just as the previous 2 dash cam.

Procus Convoy

Procus Convoy has a GPS to help you locate.


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4. You want to record the entire trip on special days

Not only the youth, but people of all ages also want to capture every moment with their beloved on special occasions. To capture all the moments during your trip, you need a high-quality dash cam that can export vibrant videos. Moreover, bumping roads in India is very hard to record videos, and you obviously need a high-stabilization camera, which may cost you a lot. However, spending some money to have beautiful experiences is never a waste.

The Transcend Driver Pro series

Let’s take a glance at the most appealing features of the Transcend Driver Pro series:

  1. High-definition image and videos captured by a high-quality sensor

  2. 7 layers of lens to help record in every climate including fog and rain

  3. The ability to outstandingly capture lowlight videos thanks to Night Recording feature

  4. A compact body that ensure your vision

  5. 2-year warranty policy from Transcend

*Please note that different Transcend Driver Pro models have different features, the above-mentioned ones are just the most prominent of them.

Transcend Driver Pro

Have fun recording your trip with the Transcend Driver Pro series.

All in all, dash cams are useful accessories which can help drivers in many ways. You can use the videos recorded by a dash cam to prove your innocence during a crash or report bad drivers. And the GPS sensor on a dash cam helps locate your car easily. Lastly, during your holiday trips, you can afford a decent dash cam to capture every living memory of your beloved, friends, family, or colleague. There are a lot of models for you to choose in the market, it is you who can choose your most suitable dash cam. However, if you’re stuck with many choices, you may want to try the above cameras, which are mostly affordable and useful in regards to different needs.

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