MG Hector And ZS EV To Be Delivered In Special Ways To Prevent CoronaVirus

by IndianAuto Team | 27/03/2020
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MG India has announced its plans to implement special vehicle deliveries in order to prevent Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus has infected nearly 335,000 people and caused the death of over 14,500 people. In India, the figures are 396 people and 7 people, respectively. To curb the spread of this dangerous virus, many steps have been taken. MG India has also participated in the Coronavirus prevention by offering special car deliveries as a way to protect its customers from the virus.

As paying a visit to dealerships should be limited as much as possible, MG has decided to commence a special program in which sanitized cars will be delivered to customers’ garage. This will satisfy the social distancing requirements. Despite no details revealed. MG is expected to ensure minimal human involvement in the cars' transportation from the factories to the dealerships and finally to customers’ homes.

All the MG ZS EV and Hector delivered to customers will have their steering and seats completely covered to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Furthermore, MG has claimed that all the recommended precaution measures will be followed when the cars are delivered to customers.

Currently, about 30,000 customers are waiting for the MG Hector and 3,000 customers are waiting for the ZS EV. Nevertheless, customers’ visits to dealerships have declined and disruptions have also occurred to the MG’s supply chain due to the Coronavirus. In this situation, home delivery can help steer the worry away from the customers.

Recently, more and more Indian people have formed a perception that car deliveries have become more difficult because of the lockdown situation. However, this can be resolved by the introduction of sanitized car delivery which is expected to reduce the booking cancelations which may be the result of the above-mentioned preception.

2020 mg hector red front angle

The MG Hector will be sanitized and delivered to the customers' homes.

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MG may be the first auto manufacturer in India to offer its customers the service of sanitized car delivery. This can set a good example for other car companies to follow with a view to protecting its customers from the virus. This service will help ensure that customers can still enjoy their favourite private cars so that public transport usage can be avoided as much as possible.

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