Tata Nexon Service Cost, Schedule, and Intervals - All You Need To Know.

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 24/01/2020
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Tata Nexon has been a grabbing a decent share in the market for the manufacturer, although customers aren't completely aware of the after-sales & service about the car. Here's all you should know about Tata Nexon Service Cost, Schedule, and Intervals.

Tata Nexon is one of the few Indian manufactured cars that has scored a full 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash test program. That said, Nexon coupled with frugal yet powerful engines, reliable mechanicals, and spacious interiors helped Tata Motors sell a lot of Nexon SUVs with ease since its launch in 2017. As of now, Tata Motors has sold more than a lakh unit of the car and that translates that Nexon is loved by the Indian car buyers for sure. The ex-showroom price for Nexon starts at Rs. 6.67 lakhs, which aren’t exorbitant by any means.

Tata Nexon Service Cost, Schedule, Interval

Tata Nexon is also offered with petrol and diesel engine options, which are capable enough for a maximum power output of 110 hp. The torque is, however, different for both the engines at 160Nm for petrol and 260Nm for the diesel engine. With everything falling in Nexon’s favour, there’s just one factor, which disturbs the buyer’s decision. It is the after-sales and service cost of the car that the user will put in to maintain the car or keep it running in its best state. So, we thought of letting you folks know about Tata Nexon service costs involved and thus came up with all the data and prices thoroughly compiled for your reference when considering to buy the Nexon.


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Tata Nexon service intervals

To start with, the Nexon has comes with a service interval of 6 months or 7500 Km, whichever is earlier. However, not every service requires an oil or oil-filter change. It is a little confusing, but that’s how Tata Motors has planned the service schedule for Tata Nexon. But we are here to simplify things for you, and let’s do. So in simpler terms, Tata Nexon owners need to visit the service centre twice a year, but the car needs mechanical assistance only once a year, i.e. when your vehicle has completed 15000 Km or a year from the last service. The regular service interval although kept at 7500 Km and during that minor service the car is only washed and precautionary checks are performed. Thus, Nexon technically is serviced only once a year.

  Petrol  Diesel 
 1st Service  1500 Km or 2 Months  1500 Km or 2 Months
 2nd Service  7500 Km or 6 Months  7500 Km or 6 Months
 3rd Service  15000 Km or 12 Months  15000 Km or 12 Months

What all is done during service?

The first service of the Nexon is scheduled at 1500 Km on the odo or 2 months from the date of purchase, whichever is earlier. Not a lot is done during the visit to the service centre for the first service. The car is washed, checked for any sensor malfunction or software updates, and the car can then bid goodbye to the Tata service centre. Next service is scheduled at 7500 Km or 6 months from the date of purchase, again, whichever comes earlier. On this service, the same process is repeated as on the first service. Now, after a year from the date of purchase or clocking 15000 Km on the odo, Nexon needs to visit the Tata authorized service centre for 3rd service. This time, however, the jobs performed are a whole lot different in comparison to what was done before. The car is given a thorough wash, which is then followed by all sort of mechanical follow-ups and overhaul procedures. To let you know, this major service includes engine oil and oil filter change, while all other consumable fluids and parts like coolant, brake pads, brake fluid, and air-filter are checked. If anything is found to be guilty of giving the owner any sort of trouble, relevant troubleshooting operation is performed.

Time Interval For Part Replacement
   Petrol  Diesel
 Engine Oil and Oil Filter  15000 Km or 12 Month  15000 Km or 12 Month
 Air Filter  3 Year or 45000 Km whichever is earlier  3 Year or 45000 Km whichever is earlier
 Fuel Filter  3 Year or 45000 Km whichever is earlier  Every 2 Year
 Spark Plug  2 Year or 30000 Km, whichever is earlier  xx
 Drain Water from Fuel Filter Bowl  xx  15000 Km or 12 Month
 Coolant  3 Year or 60000 Km, whichever is earlier  3 Year or 60000 Km whichever is earlier
 Timing & Tensioner Bolt  xx  3 Year or 1.5 Lakh km, whichever is earlier
 Brake Fluid, Clutch Fluid  Every 2nd year  Every 2nd year
 Wheel Alignment & Balancing  10000 to 15000 Km  10000 to 15000 Km
Specification & Quantity Of Fluids
 Engine Oil  5W30 (3.5 litres)  5W30 (5 litres)
 Coolant (40:60)  5.5 Litres  6.5 Litres
 Brake Fluid  Dot 4 - 500 ml  Dot 4 - 500 ml
 Transaxle Oil  2.4 Litres  2.4 Litres


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How much does the Tata Nexon service costs?

Tata Nexon Service Cost, Schedule, Interval

To maintain the confidence of buyers in the brand, Tata motors have kept their service costs as low as they could. This case is similar to the costs of parts, but they are different for petrol and diesel cars accordingly. To give you an idea, replacing the engine on petrol-powered Nexon costs Rs. 2000, while doing the same would set you back by Rs. 2400 if you happen to own a diesel-powered Nexon. The reason for that is the grade of engine oil and quantity of engine oil that is used with the respective engines. The difference between the cost of the parts is not limited to just the engine oil, instead, there’s more to it. For example, the cost of fuel filter used with the petrol engine is just Rs. 300, while one that is used on a diesel engine costs Rs. 1900. Other costs, more for the same is mentioned in the table below. But, since the cost of service is dependent on not just parts, the labour charges also affect that, they are thankfully the same for both petrol and diesel engines at Rs. 1800 including GST.

   Cost Of Parts And Labour
 Service Interval  Petrol  Diesel
 Engine Oil and Oil Filter  Rs 2000  Rs 2400
 Air Filter  Rs 300  Rs 300
 Fuel Filter  Rs 300  Rs 1900
 Brake Fluid  Rs 350  Rs 350
 Coolant  Rs 750  Rs 1000
 Wheel Alignment and Balancing  Rs 900  Rs 900
 AC Disinfectant  Rs 900  Rs 900
 Paid Labour Charges with GST  Rs 1800  Rs 1800


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Any extended warranty, AMC, or P2P on offer?

Yes! Tata Motors does offer an extended warranty, AMC, and P2P options with the Nexon, to hold the faith of buyers in their products. Starting with the extended warranty first, Nexon gets 3 years warranty as standard, while an additional 1-year warranty is available on petrol Nexon and an extended warranty of 2 years is available with the diesel engine. The price that one needs to pay is different for XE and XM variant in comparison to XT and XZ variant, which ranges between Rs. 5700-11900 Rupees.

   Tata Nexon Extended Warranty
 Trims  Petrol  Diesel
 Nexon XE, XM  Rs 5700-6000  Rs 9200-10800
 Nexon XT, XZ  Rs 6400-7000  Rs 10400-11900

The AMC packages are, however, the best maintenance plans that one can buy for their Tata Nexon, as Tata Motors offers 3 different AMC packages according to the duration of their validity. There are options to choose from either 1, 2, or 3 years of validity for the AMC package and they are differently priced at Rs. 4800, Rs. 11000, and Rs. 17200 respectively for the petrol variant. The AMC package for Tata Nexon diesel is priced at Rs. 5300, Rs. 16500, Rs. 32700 for the duration of 1, 2, and 3 years respectively. These AMC packages do cover the cost of labour, consumables and lot of other periodic maintenance associated with the car for the complete duration of the AMC. However, there are a few parts like the hoses, belts, bushes, brake rotors, engine mounts and wiper blades, which are not covered under the AMC package. These parts can, however, be replaced under the P2P scheme. P2P stands for the promise to protect and this plan is available for the Nexon with 3 different plans according to the limit of km and the duration of time that this scheme is valid for. To start with the cheapest P2P plan costs Rs. 3200, which will is valid only till 30,000 km, while there’s another one costs Rs. 5200, for a limit of 45,000 km for up to 3 years of tenure. However, there’s another P2P plan available for the duration of 3 years or 60,000kms, whichever is earlier, for Rs. 7000.

   Cost of Tata Nexon AMC
 Validity  Petrol Diesel 
 15000 Km or 1 Year  Rs 4800  Rs 5300 
 30000 Km or 2 Year  Rs 11000  Rs 16500
 45000 Km or 3 Year  Rs 17200  Rs 32700


   Cost of Tata Nexon P2P
 Validity  Cost
 30000 Km or 2 Year  Rs 3200
 45000 Km or 3 Year  Rs 5200
 60000 Km or 4 Year  Rs 7000

Tata Nexon is an affordable, stylish, spacious, compact SUV, but if the service costs ever make you reconsider your decision, we hope you now know whether the car’s easy on the pocket to maintain or not. If there’s any another scheme related to Tata Nexon service cost we won’t mind updating you folks. Stay tuned to IndianAuto for more such coverage.

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