Next generation of Toyota Etios and Liva being considered for India

by IndianAuto Team | 04/02/2019
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Apart from lowering the prices of its well-selling models in the Indian market, Toyota is also seeking to update the Etios range with new-gen models

Apart from lowering the prices of its well-selling models in the Indian market, Toyota is also seeking to update the Etios range.

The growth of the Indian auto industry is undeniable in all aspects, from annual sales to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. There is virtually no global manufacturer who doesn’t want a piece of our domestic market. This can be evidenced by the debut of Kia and MG with PSA this year laying a foundation for an official entry in next year or two.

With these newcomers, the established giants cannot sit still either. New strategies have been developed, and huge investments have been made to ensure a sustainable future. Thanks to the Innova Crysta and fan support, India broke into Toyota’s top ten markets worldwide in terms of sales, and Mr Masakazu Yoshimura, Managing Director of Toyota, asserted that India could make it to top three markets shortly.

Innova Crysta sales made India one of Toyota's top ten markets

Thanks to Innova Crysta, India broke into Toyota's top ten markets worldwide

In a recent interview, he also opined that in terms of potential and competitiveness, India can be comparable to Europe and investment in technology is heavily influenced by government regulations. While admitting that his company is not seeking numbers in India, Toyota is closely watching its competitors’ movements.

Satisfying the demand of Indian customers is the highest priority, according to Yoshimura, the focus of Toyota will be the young buyers and raising the presence and awareness of its brand to 70 per cent. Cutting cost is also important as most of its products are now priced relatively high compared to market average.

When talking about Toyota-Suzuki partnership, Mr Yoshimura said it plays an essential role not only in India but also global market and thanks to access to the hybrid technologies developed at Toyota, Suzuki can translate it into hybrid powertrains for B-segment. Toyota is already manufacturing pure electric vehicles in China, and they may bring this tech to India once the adequate infrastructure is at hand.

red Toyota Etios Sprint rear look

Poor sales of Etios urged major upgrades

The agreement with Suzuki also includes the launch of a pure electric vehicle in the future. The poor sales of Etios and Liva lately in spite of some updating attempts have urged Toyota to give them significant upgrades, confirmed Yoshimura. As Toyota plans to go all in with the next generations of both models, these upgrades would probably be more than just engine changes to comply with BSVI.

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