One New Hyundai Creta Booked Every Six Minutes

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 09/05/2020
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Hyundai has resumed operations at 225 of their showrooms and workshops across the country and the carmaker has delivered 170 units in the last 48 hours.

The country has been dealing with the toughest crisis ever; the forecasted economic slowdown will be another storm to deal with. Thus, the government has now divided the districts and cities into zones, to limit the movement accordingly. Where no movement is allowed in the red zone, the green zone denizens are allowed to go to their work premises. However, they have to maintain the social distancing protocol. And, with the ease in the movement, car manufacturers have started operating their production units in single shifts and with minimal staff. Also, some dealerships have started operating as well. And, it has been observed that Hyundai has resumed operations in 225 of its showroom and workshops across the country.

One New Hyundai Creta Booked Every Six Minutes

Amidst the lockdown, Hyundai registered a total of 2,000 booking for the new-gen Creta.


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While the news reached out to the consumers, Hyundai could see a hope of good times as the customer started reaching out to the dealerships and workshops. The carmaker has reported 4,000 customer enquiries, 500 new bookings, and the manufacturer has delivered 170 cars within 2 days of relaxtion in the nationwide lockout.. These figures reveal that Hyundai has garnered a new booking every 6 minute, which is surprising in all ways, as the carmaker sold 'Zero' cars last month.

However, it might appear weird to some as who would buy a car when there’s a nationwide lockdown imposed and employment and income sources are at risk. But it should be noted that with the increased stress on social distancing, public transport is bound to lose out on popularity and the new car market could be witness to an increased demand. Also, wiht the entire machinery coming to a standstill within days of the launch of the new Creta in March, many were waiting for the bookings to resume to order the second generation of the hot-selling SUV.


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In Last 48 Hours, Hyundai Received A New Booking Every 6th Minute

Hyundai is also working on launching a 7-seater Creta by the beginning of next year.

To help the prospective customers buy a car in the times of crisis, Hyundai is also offering an ‘EMI Assurance Plan’. The plan will take care of the car EMIs for 3 months if in case the owner loses his job. However, this scheme is available for only the cars bought in the month of May and would cover the buyer for a year from the date of purchase.

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