Renault Kwid EV (K-ZE) Unveiled At Auto Expo 2020

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 05/02/2020
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Renault Kwid facelift was inspired by its electric cousin 'K-ZE'. Now with the commencement of Auto Expo 2020, the K-ZE is unveiled in India with a range of 271 km and a peak torque of 125nm. Interesting? Read along for more.

Renault recently teased its small mass-market EV, the K-ZE on various social media platforms. However, the French manufacturer has finally taken the covers off this small little EV. With the commencement of 2020 Auto Expo, the K-ZE is the first product that the manufacturer has unveiled. Until now, the K-ZE was on sale only in China, but with its unveil in India at the 2020 Auto Expo it is pretty clear that the car will soon be launched in the Indian market.

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Renault K-ZE (Kwid EV) Unveiled at 2020 Auto Expo

Renault has unveiled the K-ZE(Kwid EV) and it is expected to be launched in the Indian market soon.

The K-ZE is mechanically a Kwid with just an electronic powertrain. Powering the K-ZE will be a 33kW motor that will be powered with a26.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack. With this combination of battery and motor, the Kwid’s electric cousin maxes out at a range of 271 km. The range is, however, a sweet deal for this little car, as it also has a top speed of 105kmph, which is not bad in anyways, as most EVs end up losing out on top speed for gain in their range. The power figures for this electrified Kwid are rated at 44PS of peak power and 125Nm of max. torque.

Underpinned by the same geometry as the Kwid, the K-ZE also uses Renault’s advanced and reliable MFA architecture. Talking about its dimensions, they are identical to Kwid’s, but a weight gain is expected, which the manufacturer is not revealed as of now.

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Renault K-ZE (Kwid EV) Unveiled at 2020 Auto Expo

Renault K-ZE will feature the similar 8.0-inch touchscreen unit as the Kwid.

However, being an EV what matters most is the range and time required to replenish that range. That is one place where K-ZE excels and falls in line with much more expensive EVs. It will offer a range of 271 km as told earlier but will be able to gain that range in just 4 hours from a regular wall charger with AC supply. That said, the car will also support DC fast charging, which will be a stand out feature on the K-ZE, as the car is expected to be launched around a price tag of Rs. 7 lakhs. With so much on its side, the K-ZE will surely grab a decent market share in mass-market EV space, as it will feature the same 8.0-inch touchscreen as seen on the Kwid. However, for more information on this car, we will have to wait and watch this space until the car is launched in the Indian market.

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