Tata Motors Pokes Fun at Maruti S-Presso For Zero Star Rating From G-NCAP

by Vivaan Khatri | 05/12/2020
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Maruti S-Presso received zero-score rating at the Global NCAP Testing. Tata has taken this chance to mock Maruti S-Presso's poor protection.

The marketing feud is not a strange thing. Even though poking fun at competitor’s weakness does not look like a nice gesture, it is proven to be an effective marketing strategy to steal the spotlight and attract attention from the audience. Recently, Tata Motors has started a war with Maruti Suzuki, India’s biggest car brand by publicly mocking the S-Presso’s poor result on the Global NCAP safety testing.

On the other hand, market-leading car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai are struggling with poor performance at the Global NCAP testing. Recently, Maruti S-Presso has attained an unbelievably low score of zero-star at the safety test. Tata does not let this embarrassing test score go down quietly. The marketing from Tata has grasped this chance and throw shade at Maruti S-Presso. On its official Tweeter account, Tata has updated an image of a broken cup of coffee beans with a line saying “We don’t break that easy.” On the contrary, Tata’s hatchback, Tata Tiago, has gained 4-star rating at the Global NCAP safety testing.

Tata Motors is on the rise recently. Its product lineup has successfully garnered a growth in demand. This achievement can be partly contributed to the growing trust of customers in Tata’s safety quality. Last year, Tata Nexon has become the first India-made vehicles to gain full-star rating at the Global NCAP crash test. After Nexon, Tata’s other models have also gained a high score at Global NCAP, which has reinforced Tata Nexon’s positive image in customers’ mind. Besides Tata models, Mahindra cars also achieve a good result at the safety crash test.


Here’s Why Maruti S-Presso Scored ZERO Stars But Mahindra Thar Bagged 4 Stars at NCAP


Before the release of the safety testing result, Maruti Suzuki clarified that all of its vehicles have met the safety standards required by the Government and complied with European Safety Standards. Nevertheless, the test report issued by Global NCAP describes Maruti S-Presso’s body structure as “unstable”, suggesting that it is underqualified under any safety standards. Global NCAP has used the base variant of the Maruti S-Presso which comes with only driver-side airbags. Tata Motors has been actively sending their vehicles to take the safety test. Till date, basically, all Tata models except for the Tata Harrier have undergone the Global NCAP safety testing.

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