Kia Seltos Service Cost – Everything To Know

by Harish Kumar | 19/02/2020
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Kia Seltos has helped Kia Motors grab quite a thick and big slice of the pie in the Indian market. However, are the customers fully noticing the after-sales services of the all-new Seltos SUV from a brand new company? Here is every little thing you should know about the Kia Seltos Service Cost, Schedules and Packages, etc.

Kia Seltos is a successful car. With a single SUV in the lineup, Kia Motors has grabbed quite a great market share in our country, making it the fourth-largest automobiles company in the last year’s manufacturer chart. Handsome design, nice features and performance are usually what customers care when buying a car. However, are they normally fully aware of the after-sale service schedule, service costs of the Seltos which is a completely new SUV from a completely new brand in our country? Here are all details related to Kia Seltos service cost, packages, intervals, etc. compiled for you in case you are considering to buy a new Seltos.

1. Kia Seltos Service Intervals

Kia Seltos is really a well-packaged SUV so there’s almost no big sort of things to complain about the Kia Seltos service package. Kia now offers its Seltos’s prospective buyers with 6 services & kilometres/ months whichever comes first. The first service after the car has covered 12 months or 10,000 km, whichever is earlier, is free of cost. That said, the first service includes normal engine oil, oil filter, air cleaner filter. After 12 months of purchasing or 10,000 km on the odo, the following services will be charged.

Service No

Kilometres/ Months

Free/ Paid

1st Service

10,000 km / 12 months


2nd Service

20,000 km/ 24 months


3rd Service

30,000 km/ 36 months


4th Service

40,000 km/ 48 months


5th Service

50,000 km/ 60 months


6th Service

60,000 km/ 72 months


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2. Kia Seltos Service Schedules

What could be done during the time of visiting Kia’s authorized service centres? As stated above, the 1st service of the Kia Seltos would comprise of normal engine oil, oil filter and air cleaner filter changes. During the first service, customers can avail the service schedules from Kia’s 3 Labor Free Service options as follows:

- 1000 km/ 1 month: General inspection, wash & cleaning

- 5000 km/ 6 months: general inspection, wash & cleaning

- 10,000 km/ 12 months: oil and filter changes

kia seltos red colour front angle

The next service is scheduled at 20,000 km on the odometer or 24 months from the date of purchase and of course, it’s not free.

Here are the recommended service schedules for the Kia Seltos:

Kia Seltos Service

Recommended Service Schedules

Engine oil

Once a year/ 10,000 km

Oil Filter

Once a year/ 10,000 km

Air Cleaner Filter

Once a year/ 10,000 km

Petrol Fuel Additives

Every 10,000 km (depending on the quality of fuel)

Fuel Filter

Once in 4 years/ 40,000 km

Air Filter

Once in 4 years/ 40,000 km

Brake & Clutch Fluid

once in 2 years/ 20,000 km

Climate control air filter

Once in 2 years/ 20,000 km

Throttle body cleaning

Once in 4 years


5 years/ 1 lakh km whichever comes first. Then once in 2 years/ 20,000 km

Transmission fluid

No need to be replaced in manual, DCT, Torque converter and IVT variants

Spark Plug

70 km for Turbo-petrol, 1 lakh km for 1.5-litre Petrol Engine

Wheel Balancing, Alignment, Tyre Rotation

Every 10 km is recommended

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3. Kia Seltos Service Cost

The service and maintenance costs may vary based on the car’s condition, variants and the different locations. Certain, the service costs of the Kia car is not kind of that affordable when compared to the Tata Nexon service cost or some SUVs in the segment. However, it’s rather extensive when considering the services that Kia has to offer. Good money will quickly be paid off. Even at the 1st done, the car will be picked up for servicing and delivered within 7 hours. Furthermore, Kia has just started its Indian innings and the after-sales services would be significantly improved when more upcoming Kia cars make it to the lineup. Just consider it!

Kia Seltos Services

Seltos 1.5-litre Petrol

Seltos 1.0-litre Turbo Petrol

Seltos 1.5-litre Diesel

Normal engine oil + filter

Rs 1,350

Rs 1,500

Rs 1,850

Air Filter

Rs 250

Rs 270

Rs 270

Fuel Filter

Rs 780

Rs 950

Rs 760

Climate control air filter

Rs 1,320

Rs 1,320

Rs 1,320

Spark Plugs (set of four)

Rs 880

Rs 4,700



Rs 520

Rs 575

Rs 580

Wheel Alignment, Balancing

Rs 1,300

Rs 1,300

Rs 1,300

Labor Charges (GST included)

Rs 2200 for Minor Service / Rs 2950 for Major Service

Rs 2200 for Minor Service / Rs 2950 for Major Service

Rs 2200 for Minor Service / Rs 2950 for Major Service

From this, the estimated service cost of the Kia Seltos for 6 years is at around Rs 28,179

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